Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Little Gardening Work Compelte

The weekend weather, before the 4/4 snow storm, was nice.  At least nice enough to allow me some time to work in the yard.

I plant Winter Rye in my vegetable gardens every Fall and have been for as long as I can remember.  This helps hold the soil in place, adds nutrients to the soil once tilled and provides enjoyable snacks for our rabbits and chickens, which they devour.  In recent years the White-Tail Deer have taken a fancy to it also.  Yes, they're so embolden now they come right up beside the house to dine, no fear.

In an effort to prevent these four legged critters from visiting I spent a couple hours in the garden tilling the soil or rather turning the soil one shovel full at a time.  I've also learned over the years that Winter Rye grows fast and if let to grow too long it's a bear to till and work with, so it was needing tending to anyway.

NOTE: Please disregard the condition of the house.  It's in dire need of paint - on the list.

Before - halfway done turning -

As expected, turning the soil disrupts and wakes the grubs of which there were oodles!  I collect them as I work then feed them to the chickens who fight for and gobble them up like they haven't eaten in weeks.

After - ~95% complete.  I intentionally left the front left corner alone.  I wanted to keep some around to continue feeding to our rabbits and chickens.  Not to mention that I was too pooped to continue. 

Now the Winter Rye, along with the compost I spread on the garden in the fall, has time to compost and add it's nutrients for a month or so until planting time.

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