Saturday, June 11, 2016

Game On!

Noticed that an old woodchuck hole has been reopened this Spring.  It's hidden nicely, just under the edge of the pallet of our old wood pile.  Of course along with the arrival of this pest(s), many of our perennials along the back property line, have been eaten back something terrible, GRRRR! 

So, I pulled the hav-a-heart trap out of storage (above the pallet of our old wood pile) and set it with a nice ear of corn.  Unfortunately, no luck luring the woodchuck in, however, a very LARGE opossum was tempted and trapped! 

No worries.  I'll stay the course and pretty certain that my persistence will payoff.  Today, instead of an ear of corn I used a nice BIG piece of broccoli, which I know for a fact is just too tempting for a whistle pig.

Stay tuned... 

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