Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Longest Ride of the 2016 Season

We got in a 202 mile round trip motorcycle ride the other weekend.  It was a cool beautiful day with fall like temperatures in the 70's, which was a tad nippy on the bile.  We rode up to the Quabbin Reservoir in western Massachusetts, which is one of the largest man-made public water supplies in the United States. In the past we've driven onto the reservation to climb the overlook tower or to have lunch.  However, on this day we drove past the entrances and rode counter clockwise up Rt. 202 to a quaint little town called New Salem.

The red circle in the bottom right is where we took of from (home).  The red circle in the top left is New Salem, MA and as you can see it's on the other top side of the Quabbin -

The New Salem General Store is a classic type general store that carried a little bit of everything.  It even doubles as a Post Office.  They offer Boars Head cold cuts, which are the best in my opinion, so we order sandwiches, grabbed a picnic table and enjoyed a late afternoon lunch.

Being late afternoon and daylight soon to fade, as well as the temperature dropping some, the decision was made to turn back and head home.  We plan on returning but getting an earlier start, so we can drive all the way around and come back home a different route than the one taken up.

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