Monday, September 26, 2016

Tomato Canning Woes of 2016

Second, and sadly, the last tomato canning of the season, alas.

The hot, humid and dry conditions we experienced this Summer was just too much.  The plants simply didn't produce as many tomatoes as they had in years past, and the ones they did were on the smaller side.

Also, for whatever reason, and this is the first time we're dealing with this, the White Tailed deer are doing a number too.  They're tromping in, on and through our tomato garden eating the tender plant ends and both read and green tomatoes, UGH!  I'm at my wits end with them.  Boy oh boy have they worn their welcome out.

At this point I'm actually looking forward to our first frost so I can put the gardens and yard to bed and get ready to hunker down for the coming Winter.

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