Friday, October 21, 2016


My commute to and from work clocks in at roughly 120 miles.  So, I spend quite a bit of time (way more than I'd like!) on the road driving North and South on Rt. 495.  Most days the drive is uneventful.  I turn the radio on, zone out and listen to the radio.  That being said, in the same breath I've seen quite a bit of, I'll call them, oddities to be nice.  Honestly, it saddens me how people act and behave and carry themselves these days in general but driving in particular when there's no accountability for their actions.  Common courtesy, patients and respect are hard to find and all but gone everywhere these days. ALAS!

I've found that vans and small box truck drivers with a gazillion ladders atop their vehicles are some of the worst offenders.  However, not so much in what I describe above but rather for simply being dangerous dipsticks.  Their cargo atop their vans; ladders, staging and often times wheelbarrows, always look like they're about to come off.  They often times drive as if in sports car, change lanes with almost no notice or warning.  They are typically inconsiderate and generally dangerous drivers.

Here are some examples of the vehicles I'm referring to -

I have many opinions, just saying, and this is one of them.  You don't have to agree or disagree with me, just venting.

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