Sunday, October 23, 2016

One Plus One Equals...

So, I was waiting in line to check in for a haircut the other day.  In front of me was a couple with two young boys.  It looked like all three of the makes just had their hair cut.  They were at the counter settling their tab, which was some $45 dollar and some change.  As is typically done at this salon, the cashier a young girl (cashier in training, hair dresser in training) asks before scanning your credit card if you want to add a tip to the card (not in so many words but you get the idea).  This couple hems and haws a bit, does some quick math and tells the girl to add $9.00.

I was VERY surprised to see the cashier open a drawer to pull out a calculator so she could figure out the amount to enter into the credit card machine!  I kid you not!  She needed a calculator; a calculator, UGH!

I'm not mathematician and I have never played one on TV, and I'm not too bright either but CMON MAN!

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