Friday, October 21, 2016

What To Do?!

We've been residents of out town for over 16 years now.  In that time we've seen the town grow with many changes and improvements, some good and some not good.

Frustratingly, with the changes and growth the town has changed and turned into a typical bureaucratic body loaded with rules, restrictions and sadly hypocrisy.  Here are two examples -

In the first photo below you have two signs; one reads, "Swim at your own risk.  No lifeguard on duty".  The second reads, "WARNING no swimming".  Soooo, which sign should I follow?

The second photo shows a beautiful recently built (within the past 5-years) building at the local beach (Beaver Pond), which shares the area and parking lot with a nice artificial turf field hockey\lacrosse field.  This building has storage in the back half and restrooms in the front.  I've NEVER been at the field when the restrooms have been open and available.  As you can see in the pic there are two porta-potties outside, why?!?!

The town of Franklin could do better!

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