Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers...

Last weekend was repair the garage door springs.

You can easily tell the new from the old spring in both pictures below.  Actually a very quick and easy project.  Took the opportunity to check and tighten all the nuts and bolts, as well as apply some fresh garage door lubricant to the rollers and track.

She's purring like a kitten now...

Seafood Diner Out

Oh baby baby!!

Enjoyed me some delicious New England Fried Clams, bellies and all, and a couple frosty cold Coors Light wobblie-pops!

Find The Critter

Can you find the critter in the below picture?














Snow Storm Robins

In keeping with the last couple of "snow" posts, here are a bunch of Robins that were weathering out the snow storm.

Some hunkered down, some puffed out and some hidden among the Holly bushes.

Snow Bluebirds

The Eastern Blue birds were visiting following the snow fall we had earlier this month and helping themselves to bird feeders.  One of my favorites and one of the more attractive birds, especially when there's a whit snowy back drop for these pics.

They always check out the bird houses each time they stop by.  Hoping they'll stick around one of these Springs.

Snow Deer

Working from home earlier in the month and I spied our regular visiting deer across the street nibbling on the neighbors shrubs.  I thought it was a tad odd that they were out so close to the street in mid afternoon.  The passing cars eventually scared one off with the other two following close behind.  I enjoy watching them, especially when they're in the neighbors yard doing damage and not mine!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Snow Covered

The snow storm made for some pretty post-storm picture taking - 

Just Hang'n Around...

A handsome critter but no question about it a persistent, nuisance one too!

When they're "hanging" around it chases the birds away.  I'd much rather have the birds.  Now, if they'd just forage off the ground everyone would be much happier, including me!

Grabbing a Snack

Here's a Northern Flicker enjoying some suet post snow storm.

Gobble Gobble Gobble Flock

I was delighted to spot this flock of wild turkeys the other morning.  They were amassed across the street in the neighbors front yard.  I did the best I could to count them, coming up with ~23.

The slowly worked their way towards the street - 

And boldly began crossing with no sense of urgency.  As you can see below they even stopped traffic as they ambled their way across -

Single file they headed towards the backyard -

 Some flew over the fence into our backyard and foraged a bit, while others headed in the opposite direction.  Eventually, back over the fence they went and reconnected with the main flock and off they went - 

Bundle Up!

Yeah, it was a tad nippy here the other morning, BRRRR!

No Peanut Allergy Here!

Teddie peanut butter was too tempting for this grey squirrel.

Strike A Pose!

Trixie dogs Christmas present - a new coat.

Although it looks warm and toasty she's NOT a fan of having it put on her...can't say I blame her!

Fun With Snow

Franklin got approximately 8" - 10" inches of snow here back on Saturday 1-7.   It was light and fluffy, so cleanup wasn't too bad.  Also, since it was a weekend there was no need to venture out.

It's always so attractive and peaceful following a snow storm before it's disturbed and dirtied up.  This snow fall was no different.  Fresh snow gives a glimpse to some of the visiting critters.  Here are my guesses at what animals made the prints below - 

Rabbit - 

Grey Squirrel #1 - 

Grey Squirrel #2 -

Fox -

 Home owner -

Birds, lots of birds -

Deer -

Wild Turkey #1 -

Wild Turkey #2 -

Sunday, January 01, 2017