Monday, April 03, 2017

Garden Prep 2017

This Friday and into Saturday was hovering around the freezing mark with rain turning into snow and back again.  A rather miserable, blah kinda day.

However, Sunday bounced back and was near 60!

I took advantage of that and the long winter we've had and got out in the yard for some R&R.  One of the last chores I completed was the turning (tilling) of our BIG garden.  I tackled this task while I still had some energy.  Turned the winter rye and chicken coop compost into the soil and raked smooth. A good couple of months of composting and enriching the soil just in time for tomato planting!

Of course it's Tylenol every 4-hours on the hour.  This is allowing me just enough relief so that I can stand (eventually) and get moving.  Ouch, man am I outta shape...

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