Friday, May 19, 2017

Our Raised Beds Already At Work!

My raised garden beds are ready and most in used already!

I built and installed a replacement 2"x 8" x 8' strawberry bed. Unfortunately, the extremely hot and dry weather of last summer, coupled with the damage the deer did, I lost all but a lone single strawberry plant.  I took advantage and added some rich compost to the soil as a part of the replacement.  Letting it all settle before planting new plants, which I'm picking up tomorrow from my farmer friend Tim.  I don't think we'll see any berries this season but if all goes well, we'll have them coming out of our ears!

As you can see the garlic is doing FANTASTIC!  Already looking forward to harvesting!

I took advantage of some open space in the bed below and planted (16) Red Onions!

To satisfy my early New England gardening itch, I planted a six-pack variety of lettuce.  They're hearty and can withstand the chilly spring nights.  Just hope the darn wild rabbits leave them be.

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