Sunday, May 07, 2017

Wake Up!!

I was awoken the other morning at 12:30AM to the sound of smashing and breaking glass!!

Not sure what was going on I chose to sit quietly for a couple minutes and waited for Trixie-dog,who sleeps in the kitchen, to give me a sign.

I begin to hear a low, steady growl!

Oh boy, but no other noise, crashing or otherwise.  So, I ruled out a break-in, got up and made my way downstairs.

Low and behold, the picture, which had hung over the mantel for some 12+ years, had given way.  It fell of the wall, hit the mantel, which in turn took our a half dozen framed pictures and a couple nick-knacks.  All fall and crashing on the hearth.  Glass was everywhere, what a mess!

An hour and a half later with the use of a Dyson push vacuum and a Sears shop-vac all the glass was cleaned up and a resemble of order restored.

The picture, which is all scratched from the broken glass and it's trip to the floor, now hangs in our garage.

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