Sunday, May 14, 2017

"You've Got Mail"...

I had enough and finally tackled our mailbox project yesterday!  Although, nice to have a mobile mailbox during snowstorms, it was very unsightly.  The biggest challenge with mailboxes on our street is snowplow damage.  I suspect a combination of angel and speed, mixed with heavy wet snow, and many a mailbox is destroyed.

Before -

Step 1, cut the black top sidewalk -

Step 2, dig the hole.  Three feet down and add a couple bags of concrete -

Step 3, fill the hole mount the mailbox and add some reflectors -

Step 4, have Emilie customize my finish concrete work - 

Hoping the slim, narrow pole will be less of a target and will withstand what's thrown at it.  However, the heavy plastic mailbox is another storm but one that's now easily replaceable if\when necessary.

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