Tuesday, July 03, 2018

A Fox In The Hen House, Perhaps!

Surprise surprise!

I was shocked to see who had a hanker'n for apple and was swayed to into the trap.

This young fox pup was calm, leary and beautiful!

I explained to the pup that she was more than welcome under two conditions; 1 - she stay way from and leave any new chickens alone, and 2 - that she catch and eat as many chipmunks as possible!

A gentleman fox hand\paw shake was all we had and good enough for me. 

2018 Maiden Ride

My first motorcycle ride of 2018!

Destination Ocean Mist Bar, Wakefield, RI. for a variety of delicious chicken wings!

178 mile ride

It was a scorcher and the ride down and back was a hot one for sure.  However, the temperature at the ocean was cooler and a beautiful day.

Cheers to good friend!!

2018 Broccoli Harvest

I picked (4) head of delicious looking broccoli from our garden.  They survived the woodchuck, rabbit and deer.  Now I'm feeding Jack 2.0, our senior rabbit, the leaves from the plant and he loves them!

Friday, June 29, 2018

The Life of Riley

Emilie took some great pictures of a not-so-great critter...

Enjoy the day my friend, as yours is coming.

See What I Did Here?!

I sure do work with some turkeys...

American Pride Petunias

Pre fourth of July prep

Picked up (4) flats or 32 4" pots each with three petunia planted in them.  Each was supposed to have one red, one white and one blue (purple) but they all didn't turn out that way.

I was able to get all 32 planted!  Some in ceramic pots, some in hangers and some directly in the ground.  Everyone took and they all look great today, just in time for the 4th!!

Orange-you A Handsome Bird!

A male Baltimore Oriole snatching an insect out of our garden -

They have a nest in one of the Boxelder trees along our back yard, so we see them often around this time of year.  They love insects and are more them welcome.  Also, how can you not love their colors?!

Friday, June 15, 2018

I'm Being Watched...

Um, can I come outside too?!

Accident Waiting To Happen

I've posted a similar concern before and see it on the highway all the time during my commute to and from the office.  This one was by far the most dangerous looking that I've seen in quite a while.  It looked like it was tied and secured properly, however, I just can't imagine the roof racks are really rated or capable of handling that load and weight! 

Although, this dude was driving in the slow lane, he was none the less traveling at 65+ miles an hour.  Too dangerous, in my simple mind, especially on a major highway at rush hour.

I think even Charlie Frye, who loved his roof racks, would agree with me.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

I Spy With My Little Eye

A male Bluebird staying close to his mate and keeping a watchful eye on the area.

Love me some Bluebirds!

Count The Rabbits

How many rabbits do you see in the below picture??  How many are ornamental and how many are real?!

There is a wild rabbit nest hidden perfectly in the ground among the sedum -

Here's a closer look.  I know it's hard to tell or see but trust me there's a good size hole there.  It's not too large or deep, rather it long.  I suspect so the kits can scoot up to be completely covered and protected from say the rain.

Here's the momma rabbit, just before dark, returning to the nest to nurse the kits.  A watchful eye, as she's always on guard -

Posted NO Trespassing!

I pulled, dusted off and baited the old hav-a-heart traps with tasty, juicy hard to refuse apples and my-o-my was it a busy weekend!

A first time catch, much to my surprise, a male wild rabbit -

BIG opossum #1 -

BIG opossum #2 -

and the coup de gra, a dreaded adult woodchuck!

mora coup de gra, a youngster woodchuck!

Quite a surprise to see this beautiful fox pup -

 AH!  Another member of the woodchuck clan that's living in my backyard -

Not shown, a couple grey squirrels and a couple chipmunks.

In the evenings the neighbors on both side of us have woodchucks and rabbits grazing on their lawns.  So, there are plenty more critters out there. If they stay away and in the neighbors yards we're good.  However, if they pull the old Peter rabbit deal...

Aye Poppy!

Our Poppies are loaded with flowers and starting to burst!

Two of my moms plants were transplanted here ~8-10 years ago and they've taken off ever since.  They've grown tall and think each year, with new plants popping up nearby.

They're beautiful but sadly the flowers don't last very long at all.  Never the less, this time of year I'm comforted in knowing a piece of my mom's garden is alive and thriving in my backyard. 

A VERY productive gardening weekend!

Our veggie gardens are finally full with excellent looking young and promising plants!

Sixteen tomato plants in - (8) Better Boy and (8) JetStar!  All staked and ready to some sun.

Also, planted Zucchini and Summer squash, cucumber, two different type of green Peppers, Broccoli and a couple rows of carrots.

Now, hoping the destructive varmints, i.e. woodchucks, rabbits and deer, keep their distance. 

Whatcha Doing?!

Can you spot the item in the below picture that doesn't belong?!  Please people, be kind I realize it's a tad messy but organized...

Ta-da! A baby American Robin wandered it's way in the garage.  I'm thinking it was a good thing I noticed it or perhaps the outcome could have been different; a stinky one at that.

Boy-O-Boy did this little one carry one and fuss when I picked it up.  That of course alerted the parents who were none to happy with me and they too began to carry on.  If you didn't know any better you'd a thought someone was being beaten.

After a stern talking too the youngster quieted down.  The parents in turn stopped dive bombing me, so I was able to take and drop the fledgling off at a safe spot down back and out of harms way.

Mystery Solved!

After 17 years here at the ole homestead, I finally figured out what the below flowering shrub is called.  Truth be told I really didn't put too much effort into it.  A Google hunt and peck here and there.

This graceful beauty, that blooms in the shade around mid-May, is called Deutzia.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn the Deutzia is a member of the Hydrangea family.

Come On In The Water's Fine!

Pool condition following the Memorial Day cover removal, YUK -

Pool condition today, about a month later, AHH -

What a difference a month makes.  That and hard work and chemicals, a lot of chemicals!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Dad Memories

Dads vintage Lace Up Mukluks Gum Sole Mauricienne Canada boots.

He was crazy about these boots.

Dust Bath Turkey

We've had a wild turkey hen visiting recently.  She makes her way from the wooded area of the neighbors to our garden where she contently takes herself a dirt bath.  I'm guessing she's setting on a clutch of eggs and these are her short breaks to relief herself, stretch and freshen up.  Hoping to see her soon with a line of chicks in tow.

Of course once the tomatoes have been planted she's no longer welcome in the garden.

And We're Off!!

Well, I couldn't wait any longer.  Mother Nature has been playing with my emotions and I had enough, so off to the local nursery I went.  I spent Sunday mapping out, readying and planting my new seedlings in their new home.

Sweet Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Cucumber, Zucchini and Summer Squash for starters.  Also, picked up some Parsley, Rosemary and Sage along with Marigolds.

Cucs -

Zucchini and Summer Squash -

Sunflower (started indoors by our neighbor) -

 Strawberries that made it through the winter -

Satisfaction guaranteed!