Friday, April 06, 2018

What's The Deal Mother Nature?!

Hey, what gives, it's April 6th?!

Enough's enough!

Our patio furniture isn't too pleased to be covered in a layer of cold snow. 

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Spring Is Here!

Speaks for itself!!

Knock Knock, Anybody Home?!

A lone Bluebird visiting and checking out our birdhouse accommodations.  Last Spring we had a pair of Bluebirds that took up residence in the house shown in the top two pics below.  Maybe same one from last year, or perhaps one of their young'n?!

A Bluebird and Finch waiting their turn to checkout the local bird house accommodations. However, it looks like the male House Sparrow has other thoughts and not budging -

I can tell you with 100% certainty that the House Sparrow will be evicted eventually!  If the Bluebird doesn't do it, I know the home owner is a dink and he'll see to it personally...

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Pillow Pet

The resemblance is uncanny...

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

Spent this past Saturday in the yard - welcome Spring!

Pulled the lawn and patio furniture out of storage and washed, did some raking and turned our raised garden beds.

Love this time of year, and once I can stand straight again and tie my boots I'll be back at it...

Distance Cousin of Punxsutawney Phil?!

DRAT, my summer time, garden plant eating nemesis!

I don't care for or about Punxsutawney Phil, nor do I care for or about this rodent making a March appearance in my neighbors yard.  Too close for comfort.

It's early but game on. 

Hello ACME I'd like to order an anvil and a rocket...

Trying Something New

I tried something new this past Saturday.  Instead of donating blood, I donated platelets!

Platelet donation takes about 3-hours, so much longer than donating blood.  Also, with a platelet donation they insert 2 needles, one in each arm.  The problem or challenge, depending on your view, is that you're not supposed to move your arms once the needles have been inserted.  So, that crazy, mad itch that all of a sudden appears on your forehead, well that goes unscratched...

Full disclosure - I got a pretty good public reprimanded for taking the above selfie!  Apparently, some silly possibility of driving the needle out the other side of my vein when bending my arm.  Who knew.

Friday, March 23, 2018

"Pregnant" Building Here We Come!

Our downtown Boston (Financial district) corporate office is moving this fall.  Renovations are underway with construction and progress happening daily.  I got my first tour and snapped the below pictures from the 26th floor.

The Massachusetts state house, with gold dome, off in the distance -

A view of Boston Harbor -

The Harvard or Mass Ave bridge off in the distance (to right) -

Looking down on Post Office Square, which resides at the intersection of Milk, Congress, Pearl and Water Streets -

The building we currently occupy, which as you can see is only a stones throw away, just across PO Square -

The Morning After

Post Nor'easter number 3 pictures from last week.

Emilie heading to the bus stop with almost waist high snow -

Most trees and shrubs were covered and bending every which way -

A beautiful uninterrupted, morning shot -

Blue sky and sunny morning -

The storm has come and gone -

Sunday, March 18, 2018

What Was I Thinking?!

Care to take a wild guess at what's pictured below?!

This is Oliver's attempt at making his way to the pool house.

He made his way down the 3 steps leading to the concrete pool deck and even began his trek, however, looks like he quickly realized he was going nowhere fast.  The snow was about 20" deep and as you can see he was sinking in as he walked.

A+ for the effort, and a wise choice to turn around.


A lone leaf atop one of our Red Oaks.

All others have long since fallen, however, this one is hanging on for dear life...

Very Conspicuous, Yeah

He sure sticks out like a sore thumb, especially during the winter when there's no bright colors to be found.

Suet Love

A Downy Woodpecker, a female I believe, filling up on suet during the early stages of our last nor'easter last week -

A week later she's back, and what a difference a week makes -

Black Masked

A flock of Cedar Waxwings from back in early February.  The trees were filled with these social birds.  Most were perched taking the sun on a chilly day, however, others were foraging for berries from the Bittersweet vines, which had long been stripped clean.

They sure are an attractive bird!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Nor'easter #3

IT'S OFFICIAL:  Blizzard confirmed in Boston!

Whiteout conditions at times!

Today's nor'easter could be all March snow records for our area!

Here's a little taste from Franklin -

Snow drifts piled high against our rear slider -

The snow has been blowing and gusting that most of the windows are covered making it difficult to get clean, clear pictures -

Trees and shrubs, already reeling from the last storm, are facing another round testing their flexibilities - 

Pools closed today -

The poor Dogwood tree looks more like a weeping cherry.  Hoping it bends and not breaks -

Initial snow falls sure a pretty -

Wreck-it Ralph coming to plow our driveway -

The snow pile at the end of the driveway can't get much taller -

Ok, I'm off to change and fire up the ole snowblower and clear the areas the plow couldn't reach.

Friday, March 09, 2018

Back Support Perhaps

This is the weight lifting belt that my dad was often seen wearing when out working in the yard.

This is one of so many memories of my dad that keep flooding in - good memories!

Oops, We Sprung A Leak!

It was SO windy during the storm we had last week that a new leak appeared over and on our new bay window.  The rain was blowing sideways at times.  However, it's clear that the installers failed to take all the necessary precautions when installing.

Fortunately, it wasn't too bad in terms of the leak, a slower drip drip drip.  What concerns me more is the damage done in the ceiling of the window and the abutting wall and sheet-rock.

The wood, where the water had been pooling, is slightly damaged too -

If this is the extent of our damage we're lucky.

Icy Roads, Careful...

A there's the cause of the 6:30AM traffic jam on Rt. 495 south.

I don't know the cause of this but can only assume this dipstick was driving way too fast for the icy conditions that morning, and texting too.

I hope the driver didn't cause anyone else to crash or get hurt themselves.  However, it would be great to know that the driver shit their pants (literally)!

Secret Best Buddies

Take a gander at these two loads!

A w@h day for me and these two spent most of the morning cuddling and snoozing, as these pictures prove.


Remember these machines?

Came across this antique machine if Key Largo of all places.  I wonder how the establishment ensures that only adults are making purchases.  After all this would be idle way for underage punks to get their smokes without being questioned or carded.

Of course if they can afford them!  Actually, I don't understand how anyone can afford a pack of smokes anymore.  Sure seems like an awful expensive way to slowly kill oneself.

Big Red!

 My Amaryllis is finally in FULL outstanding bloom!

Sure took it's sweet time too.  I planted the bulb back at the end of December, about 3-months ago, but sure worth the wait.  A nice way to welcome the arrival of Spring.