Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Dad Memories

Dads vintage Lace Up Mukluks Gum Sole Mauricienne Canada boots.

He was crazy about these boots.

Dust Bath Turkey

We've had a wild turkey hen visiting recently.  She makes her way from the wooded area of the neighbors to our garden where she contently takes herself a dirt bath.  I'm guessing she's setting on a clutch of eggs and these are her short breaks to relief herself, stretch and freshen up.  Hoping to see her soon with a line of chicks in tow.

Of course once the tomatoes have been planted she's no longer welcome in the garden.

And We're Off!!

Well, I couldn't wait any longer.  Mother Nature has been playing with my emotions and I had enough, so off to the local nursery I went.  I spent Sunday mapping out, readying and planting my new seedlings in their new home.

Sweet Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Cucumber, Zucchini and Summer Squash for starters.  Also, picked up some Parsley, Rosemary and Sage along with Marigolds.

Cucs -

Zucchini and Summer Squash -

Sunflower (started indoors by our neighbor) -

 Strawberries that made it through the winter -

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Columbine Colors of Franklin

Our Columbine plants are starting to pop and flower!  As always they never disappoint; they're looking good. 

Yellow -

Purple -

Pink -

White -

Unique Planter

Our Bleeding Hearts are in full bloom and magnificent!

It's amazing where some plants chose to take root.

This one, for years now, grows out of the eye-sore retaining wall of our driveway.  Well, the wall itself is an eye-sore, NOT the Bleeding Heart.

Edge Hill Drive

Eerie weirdness kinda sorta...

Has or does this ever happened to you?!

It began, or at least when I first started noticing it, was around the beginning of February and continues to this day.  I will look at a clock; morning or evening, at home or the office, in my car or on my phone, at precisely when it displays 6:20!

The significance of this number is, as family will know, the house number of my West Virginia grandparent.  The house where my dad was raised.  Now, of course I'm reading into this, but this coincidence began shortly before my dad passed and now continues after his passing.  Is he, or my grandparents, trying to communicate?!

It's freaky, and truthfully kinda blows my mind, yet at the same time I want to believe it's a sign and that my dad is still near and this comforts me.

Keeping It Classy

He'll lay like this for hours!

The Sweetly Scented Lily of the Valley

 Our Lily of the Valley have taken over and doing great this spring! 

Looking back it's amazing how from just a few plants planted that they've grown and spread into so so many.

This is always an anticipated time of year when they bloom.  Ours bloom in both white (typical) and pink (unusual) colors.  The contrast against the deep green is outstanding!  JoAnne will pick bunches and place them in vases throughout the house.  They smell wonderful.

Here are a few examples of the fragrant bouquets gracing the house -

New Trellis = Happy Clematis!

New clematis trellis has been installed!

The old one, which I installed shortly after we moved in some 15+ years ago was really an eyesore.  It was simply a sheet of pressure treated lattice on a 2x4 frame.  Functionally, it worked perfectly and the clematis was happy and content.  However, when we had the house painted the area behind the lattice was never done.  It has remained the old, original color.

Well, that all changed last weekend!

I removed the old, scrapped and sanded the clapboard, then applied a couple fresh coats of paint.  Looks SO much better.  Unfortunately, it's been so long since we had the house painted that over the years it's faded.  It wasn't as noticeable until I applied the fresh paint and now it's noticeable!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Beat IT Beetle!

First beetle kill of the young 2018 season!

A lily leaf beetle, aka scarlet lily beetle or red lily beetle.

Spotted and caught this dude on one of our soon to bloom lilies.  They're bad news, well their larva are bad news, and will do a number feeding on the leaves.

These dudes have zero to offer when it comes to camouflage.  They rely on their bright red color and horrible taste to forewarn any would be predators to not bother with them.  However, that doesn't work with me, nope!  I prefer to catch this dudes by hand and pinch their little tiny heads clean off with my fingernails.  Best way to be sure the dudes are dead.

No need for harmful and dangerous chemicals, when the nails of a thumb and forefinger with wonders!

Would You Ever?!

Is this rude or is it just me?!

What's rude you ask?

Um, well, that's a table that women is resting her dirty sneakers on and NOT a hassock!!

That is a seating area just a few feet away from a coffee shop, that just so happens to also sell breakfast items, i.e. muffins, croissants, scones, etc.

The table she has her smelly feet on is the same table some poor, unsuspecting person is going to set their food on, or someone will rest their papers or laptop on.

Either she's clueless and misidentified the piece of furniture or she's a typical, rude and inconsiderate person that you see more and more of these days, and she's gonna do whatever she wants without a care for anyone else but herself.

It's a shame...


A moment in the life of Trixie-dog, and the corny faces she often makes, while relaxing and enjoying a lovely spring afternoon lounging in the fresh cut grass -

A Frye-dog life is good!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Riddle Me This?!

What a nice surprise the other morning.

JoAnne cracked open two store bought extra large eggs and BOTH were double-yolked!!

So, let me ask you, would this be considered eating 4 eggs or only 2?!  I'm going with 2!!

Knit One, Pearl Two

I believe my grandmother, Edna, made this throw blanket for my grandmother Zoie.

This was one of the items I pulled from the items readied for the estate sale of my aunt Ralou.

A vintage item made many years ago.

Um, Yummy!

A little snaky for little ole me! 

And Here's Your Explanation!

Feeling Nostalgic

I stopped by the ole Frye family house in Westwood yesterday, walked the property and took a handful of pictures.

Sure do miss the old place and the old times.  Memories came flooding back of times gone by; wonderful memories.  Such a quiet and peaceful lot, much of it created but our hard work and labor of love over so many years.

Where's my time machine?!

But I Love You! Come Back...

It's that time of year again, Spring, when love is in the air...and the wild turkey's take over the roadways.

Whether you can see them or hear them off in the distance they're everywhere!

The Tom's are relentless in their pursuit of love and affection from the tired and weary hens.

There were about 5 or 6 Tom's in the pics below, each trying to out do the other, with their dancing and puffing and strutting.  As the hens would scoot off, the Tom's would follow, often stopping in the middle of the street to prance around, most of the while bring traffic to a complete stop.

I am noticing that some vehicles no longer stop or even slow down when approaching a love struck Tom in the roadway.  Seems they're okay with running them over.  No question their appeal is waning, as these are common sights now and people are in too much of a hurry to get to where they're going.

Where's My Ice Scraper?!

A frosty morning in mid-April!

UGH, c'mon Spring where are you?

Even the Robin, standing on one foot and shivering, wasn't too happy.

Find The Critter

Can you find the critter in the above photo?!

Something startled this young lady and off she flew up some ~60 feet or so.  Seems she startled herself too and appeared to be unsure about what to do and how to get herself down.

Eventually, she made her move and off she went...

A female turkey.

Sad Sign of The Times

The work on our street has been finished now for a couple years, however, as you can see in the below picture there's work remaining to be done.

Sadly, this type of workmanship seems to be typical in this day and age, especially from the Franklin DPW crew.  No one cares to take pride in their work or cares to take the time to do the job right.

Friday, April 06, 2018

What's The Deal Mother Nature?!

Hey, what gives, it's April 6th?!

Enough's enough!

Our patio furniture isn't too pleased to be covered in a layer of cold snow. 

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Spring Is Here!

Speaks for itself!!

Knock Knock, Anybody Home?!

A lone Bluebird visiting and checking out our birdhouse accommodations.  Last Spring we had a pair of Bluebirds that took up residence in the house shown in the top two pics below.  Maybe same one from last year, or perhaps one of their young'n?!

A Bluebird and Finch waiting their turn to checkout the local bird house accommodations. However, it looks like the male House Sparrow has other thoughts and not budging -

I can tell you with 100% certainty that the House Sparrow will be evicted eventually!  If the Bluebird doesn't do it, I know the home owner is a dink and he'll see to it personally...