Friday, February 13, 2015

UGH, Another Storm On The Way...

Here are a handful of storm pictures from the ole homestead -

We park the Explorer on the front lawn so it's not in the way when our neighbor comes to plow.  This gives him an unobstructed, straight shot down the driveway to push the snow, see below.  Most goes over the end without much effort, however, with all the snow we've received this is now a challenge.  As you can see the pile at the end of the driveway is now a mountain.

Here's Emilie and I making our way to the neighbors house to do some snow-blowing.  We have an agreement where he does the plowing of our driveways and follow up with the snow-blower to get at the nooks and crannies he can't do with the plow and do the cleaning up.  It's a great system and works out for both of us.

I found the plow buried fire hydrant.  Of course the snow in that area is the heavy, wet stuff so it's much more work to remove.  The snow-blower has a tougher time chomping through.

But as you can see we got her done.

We're bracing for another storm expected this Saturday into Sunday...

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