Thursday, September 10, 2015

Kickoff Celebration!!

Our sister company resigned their partnership with the New England Patriots.  In celebration of the signing, the company had a kickoff celebration on Tuesday morning.

The cafeteria was decorated in red, white and blue, Patriot colors, with balloons and snacks.

Jonathon Kraft, the Patriots president, was on hand, as was alums Joe Andruzzi and Andre Tippett.  Also, "Pat" the Patriot and Patriot cheerleaders!

Jonathon, Joe and Andre spoke to the gathering and discussed the Pat's, their careers and predictions for the upcoming season.

The discussions were followed with meet and greets, picture taking and autograph signings.

It was a great take and nicely done!

New England colored popcorn -

Their (4) heavy Superbowl rings!  We were able to handle them, and as you can see don them for an awesome photo op -

Also their (4) Lombardy trophy were also onsite -

Of course a photo or two or three, with signed autographs, of me and the cheerleaders - 

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