Friday, February 19, 2016


Sport controversies here in New England just won't quit!.

I'm not talking at the professional level this time around, not even the local travel league, nope.  Rather, I'm referring to the local town recreation basketball league, grades 7 and 8.

First let me ask, do you see a difference between the two pictures below - Specifically, the basketball nets?  Hint - it should be easy, as I've circled the issue in red...

Shortly after we arrived the girls were practicing and I noticed the backboard wasn't down all the way as you'd expect.  The rim/net was slightly skewed upwards towards the ceiling.  Although, it wasn't off by much, believe it or not, it was having an effect on the girls shooting.

I was able to eventually locate someone from facilities and pointed out the issue to him.  He grabbed his keys took off up the stairs to where the electronic controls were located and proceeded to fully extend the backboard down into place, where it should have been.  I don't believe anyone else had noticed or had any idea.

The game went on as scheduled, was exciting and ended in a tie.

Before -

After -

This game was held in Franklin at the Tri County High School.  A week earlier, at a game held at Franklin High School, the same issue occurred.  I searched high and low for the facilities person but could NOT find where he was hiding.  The game proceeded and girls struggled to sink baskets.  Eventually, before half time, the dude made an appearance. So, I quickly grabbed him, pointed out the issue and had him fix.

Ironic?! Intentional?!  Mistake?!

I don't think we'll ever know...

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