Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Look! Up In The Sky...

There a pub we ride to that's at the intersection of Rt.140 and Rt.62 located in Spencer, MA.  It's a good meeting location and a jumping off point for some of our longer rides, i.e. up to the Quabbin Reservoir.

The town of Spencer has it's own single runway airport, which is just off of Rt.140 which is all I know about it.  However, when we're in the area on weekends there is almost always glider planes floating above us high up in the sky.

The picture above, although a somewhat cloudy morning, shows a prop-type plane pulling a glider plane up, up, up into the sky.  The glider eventually breaks free and effortlessly floats above us.

It's quite a site to see and watch.

Too bad I don't like heights, otherwise this would be something to put on the ole bucket list... 

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