Saturday, November 23, 2013


Yup, it was that cold when I got in my car Thursday morning!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Grampy Wall Update

I added a couple additional Charles B. Frye Sr. pictures to his wall.
Sure wish I had my grandfather's drawing talent.
My favorites are his doodles and free hand drawings.

Super Cold!

Gulp, gulp, gulp...AH!

Vent Me!

Picked up a couple flex pipe exhaust vent pipes and installed them on the two bathroom ceiling fans/lights my brother helped me install a couple months ago.  By getting these in place, I'm able to direct the exhaust up and cover the entire unit with insulation.
It's a win win!

Mr. Hinkley

Here's Hinkley. Affectionately, referred to as "Hink". 
He passed his Canine Good Citizenship test and a barrel fun of energy.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hear ye, hear ye!

Well, it's final begun, our new chickens have begun laying!!  We got our first two eggs from them yesterday!
Just over their six month birthday. A little longer than I expected, however, I'm sure the colder weather and shorter days had an effect.  Either way, they're finally earning their keep and we're getting fresh eggs, yummy!!

Silly Earth's Rotation

The sunsets off our back deck this early November have been nothing short of spectacular to say the least!

Larry, Daryl and Daryl Construction, Perhaps...

So, the town is in the process of replacing the water pipes on our street. What a mess too!  There's pipes, signs, equipment and machinery littering the street, not to mention the new potholes and half assed blacktop patching and paving they've done!
Anyway, they've made their way to the stretch of roadway in front of our house, where they've been working for a couple weeks. I'm guessing here but earlier this month they were replacing the water connectors that run to each house.  The pictures above show them tackling the next door neighbors line.  Much to my ire and VERY frustratingly the knuckle-heads thought it OK to back them equipment down onto my lawn and WELL past the property line, like 25' past, UGH!!
You can see in the second picture that they've patched their work BUT not all of the damage.  The red lines show just how far down the lawn they went.  They left two deep ruts in the lawn but chose NOT to repair, why?!?!  Good old fashion American laziness is my guess!  So, I called the town hall to log a formal complaint.  I was assured that all damage will be addressed and repaired when the bulk of the work has been completed - new loam, leveling, seeding, etc.
We'll see! I will believe it when I see it!

A Foul Visit...

The wild turkey's paid us a visit the other morning.
They we're awful curious about the chickens - the other big birds.  Several of them had the courage to take an up close look and personal look.
This is the first time I've seen the wild turkeys show any interest in the chickens.
I hope they continue to visit and stay longer. They're enjoyable to watch.  Perhaps, once I get the bird feeders filled and hung they'll stick around longer to forage on the morsels and mess the birds make.  

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Life Is Good!

What a beautiful morning today!
Pour myself a second cup of coffee, pulled out the lawn chair and sat in the driveway watching time pass by.

Taste of the Region!

JoAnne, Emilie and I attended a local food festival called "Taste of The Region" this past Tuesday evening.  The event was held at the Tri-County Regional Vocational High School.  We've been going to this event the past several years and always have fun and leave stuffed - this year was no different.
There were local area restaurants with a variety of delicacies offered for sampling. New this year was the British Beer Company and their 20oz Pumpkin Beer, A YUMMY!!  I didn't even this fly floating around in my beverage it was SO good!

SHU Senior Day

SHU Senior Day @ Campus Field
4:00PM Friday, November 1, 2013
Sacred Heart University vs Siena

This years team has only (3) seniors: #6 Jen, #15 Stephanie and #32 Melinda.
Emilie and I took off from Franklin at noontime and headed to Fairfield, CT.  We arrived early and walked around the SHU campus; it was a beautiful day.  Although, SHU lost 2 - 0 it was a memorable game being that it was senior day.  Emilie and I got to walk Stephanie out on the field in front of everyone before the game. A very special moment indeed.  We spent some time with Stephanie after the game then headed home.  It was a long day, with a lot of driving but SO worth it getting to spend time with two of the loves of my life!!
Stephanie's a senior this year; graduating in the Spring.  NO idea where the four years have gone?!?!