Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Oh So Sad!

Any The Walking Dead fans out there?

Is thirteen too young to watch this program?

My Emile is addicted to The Walking Dead and I mean addicted!

I stumbled upon this program midway through it's second season and have been hooked.  However, I never went back to watch from the beginning.  That's changed now that Emilie's hooked.  We've been watching a couple episodes a night the past couple of weeks and have completed through season 4.

Season 6 is coming to an end this coming Sunday and it's not yet available on NetFlix.  So, this is causing Emile withdrawals, we'll have to wait until it's available.

There were a couple very moving episodes that brought Emilie to tears.  One in particular had her extremely upset.  So much so that she didn't or rather couldn't tell me good night.  She just headed straight to bed.  

I was greeted with the following note hanging on my bathroom door when I retired for the night.  As you can see she was explaining just how upset she was.    

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