Wednesday, November 30, 2016

XMas Decorations 2016

JoAnne and Emilie decorated the house this past weekend, inside and out.

Here is a a pic of the outside.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Homemade Greenhouse!

Spent yesterday in Marshfield helping out my farmer friend.

A project that should had been started months ago instead of waiting for the cold weather to arrive.

The plan is for this to be his new temporary greenhouse.  This will allow him to winter his many, many plants, of which is has a great assortment.  Several more posts need to be set, then the support joists but most of the manual labor aspects of the project are done.  We simply ran out of daylight.

That's a woodstove under the brown tarp and his anticipated source of heat once covered.

Another trip will be in order once the 100' roll of plastic arrives, which promises to be quite a challenge to open, fold in half and put in place.

Familia Nueva Р2013 Libert̩ Cabernet Sauvignon РPaso Robles

Picked up this Cabernet Sauvignon at Trader Joe's the other day.

It wasn't too bad for a $10.00 bottle.

It didn't last too long either.

Another trip to the store is in order...

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

1st Snowfall of 2016

We had our first snowfall of the season this past Monday.

Well, more of a very light dusting and a good way to ease into Winter.

No doubt this amount of snow would have crippled Johnson City Tennessee (hehehe)!

Eye Bubbles?!

Thought I had an eyelash causing my discomfort the other day but nope!  As you can see in the picture I had a bubble, UGH!  It didn't float around, rather remained in the same spot and it was annoying for sure.  It lasted for the day but was gone after a good nights sleep.  However, it came back a couple days later.  Made an appointment to see my eye doctor and of course the bubble was NOT there during the exam, nope no traces!  I has come back once more since but that was over a week ago.  Weird.

Good thing I had the above picture to show the doctor.  She was VERY impressed and asked me to pass this along to JoAnne who took the pic.  So, photo credits to JoAnne!!

Re-purpose Egg Shells


This is the first time in all the years that we've raised chicken that we saved the egg shells.

We dried them out, then crushed them by hand, as seen in the above photo.  The shells were then added to the chickens feed for added calcium, which aides in strengthening their egg shells.  A nice way to save a couple bucks versus buying calcium supplements but also nice to re-purpose.


Franklin Strong!

Took this picture earlier in the week, mid November.

It's a Honeysuckle flower in full bloom, reaching for the sun with not a single leaf on the trees in the background.

The "Mending Wall"

I agree with the old adage that "fences make good neighbors".  I have NO regrets putting up the fence even though our neighbors did and it was the bases for our falling out.  No loss there!

The other day was VERY windy with gusts up to 40+ miles per hour.  The winds were blowing so hard that it stripped most of the leave off our ornamental pear trees.  The winds were blowing towards the south east and as a result and bonus dumped most of the leaves onto the neighbors lawn on the other side of the fence!

See fences DO make good neighbors!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Is it hypocritical that Arrow purposely prints USA on their shirt labels yet the shirt was "Made in Egypt"?!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Find The Critter

Can you find the critter in the above photo?

What A Show Off

A Sparrow showing off her skills...

2016 Fall From Our Deck

Here are some Fall pictures taken from our back deck.  As you can see we don't have to travel too far to be treated to the beautiful New England Fall colors.

As of this posting most of the leaves, with the exception of the Oaks, have all fallen.

A raking I must go...

Our New Home...

I was in our Boston office last week, actually have been spending quite a bit of time there the past month or so, and with more to come.

The commute via the Commuter Rail is different than my typically drive up and down Rt.495, and VERY expensive too!

I snapped this picture from the 14th floor looking across Post Office Square.  This is the future home for my company!  The Boston office will be moving in it's entirety by the end of 2018.  This building has been nicknamed the Pregnant Building due to it's unusual design, as you can see in the above pic.

Shooooooo! Scram!

My nemesis made a final appearance about a month ago.  Perhaps to let me know they're still out there and that they'll be back come Spring, UGH! 

The Coop

The weather hasn't been too cold here in New England, so I left the coop plastic off their door.  I don't want it to get too hot in there.  Also, it allows the girls to see out.  However, that's changing, so I'll need to close this off soon.  It's always nice when I get this completed and the coop completely winterized and I know they're all tucked in for the cold weather to come.