Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Penny, Penny, Penny...

Although, there is a character named Penny on The Big Bang Theory, this is a different Penny I'm referring to and I'm NOT taking about the one-cent coin.

Tennents larger, Scotland's market leading brand of pale larger since it was first produced back in 1885, created several series of cans over the years but none more popular than their "Penny" series.

These "Penny" cans are from the early 1980's.

I think me has a hanker'n for some "Penny"...


Emilie and JoAnne went shopping the other day and all I got was this, wait for it...wait for it...wait for it...

AWESOME magnet!

Sheldon Cooper and The Big Bang Theory is the best!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Swirling Big Flakes

All of a sudden it's snowing like crazy!  Super BIG flakes being blown in all directions.  Looks cool.  Just hope it doesn't accumulate.

The "SMU"

The SMU, otherwise known as the Special Management Unit, is a high-security unit within a prison, aka, "the hole". 
Prisoners are placed in the SMU for disciplinary reasons.
Pictured above is prison wash kit from the the Massachusetts medium security prison known as MCI-Norfolk.  This wash kit would be given to an inmate that has been sent to the SMU.
This particular kit was given to me as a joke, at least I hope it was a joke, by a co-worker of JoAnne's.  If I fail to post anything in the next week or so, please send help...

Exercising The Girls

Took advantage of the warmer weather yesterday and let the girls out of their coop for a little exercise and foraging.  They were out for a good couple of hours.  Since there is still plenty of snow on the ground, their range is limited to the shoveled pathways, so they can't go too far or get into too much trouble, like digging in the flower beds.
It works out well too, as they spent quite a bit of time cleaning up and dining the bird seed that has fallen to the ground.  Less waste and full crops makes for a happy poultry man, me, and content ladies.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Skein or V Formation

Here is a flock of Canadian Geese that flew over the house the other afternoon. If I was quicker I might have been able to get a better picture without the tree top obscuring the birds but this is the best I could do.
Anyway, this is a sorry excuse for the V formation these birds are known for.  Perhaps, it's a sign of the times, like kids today's, they're too lazy and can't be bothered.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Vintage Beer Cans

I finally started documenting my beer can collection this past weekend. I have boxes and boxes of beer cans, each containing approximately 24 cans.  My first pass is to take pictures of them all.  It's a tedious process but fun and interesting just the same.
Here is the first picture I took and it just so happens to be of the two oldest cans I have.  As you can see they're in rough shape and quite rusty, which will effect their values but interesting.
These are known as "cone top" style cans and are from around the late 1930's.

Name The Year...

Here is a top 20 list of the most frequently played songs on album-oriented radio stations in the Boston area.
Can you tell me the year?!?!

What A Dumb Ass I Am...

Yup, I certainly am!
I suffered another blond moment tonight, alas.
I successfully cracked the lid to our Pyrex casserole dish, see above photo.
As if this wasn't bad enough but what really bothers me the most is that this was my mothers Pyrex casserole dish.  She used it for years without any issues and here I come and in short order crack it.
I should have known cold water on a hot dish doesn't end well, and to be honest I did, but proceeded to do it just the same.
What a dumb ass...

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Here Comes The Chief!

Trixie dog loves to run and doesn't seem to mind the snow at all.  Of course, she's too small for the amount of snow we have now but does just fine in the paths the snow blower made.  She also doesn't mind to dress up when she goes outside, ugh.

Gangway Coming Through

Snow blowing a path to the bird feeders.  Of course this will allow me access to fill when needed without having to climb over snow and it also clears a spot on the ground, under the feeders, for the birds that don't like to eat from them and prefer to eat off the ground, i.e. Morning Doves.

First Half Dozen!

We have six Buff Orpington hens and today marks the first day of 2013 that they each laid an egg!  I would guess that they're averaging about three eggs a day so far this year, which isn't too bad seeing that it mid February and still awful cold.
We now have more eggs than we know what to do with but a good problem to have.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snow Cones

Don't eat the yellow snow!!
There was Trixie dog attempt at writing Nemo...

Nemo Snow Fall

Here are a couple pictures of the snow that Nemo so graciously dropped at the ole homestead. 
The first picture shows the pool, or rather where the pool typically is, as well as yours truly snow blowing a path to and in front of the chicken coop.  It's at these times when I question why I have poultry and rabbits.
The second picture was taken from the end of our driveway looking back towards the house/yard.  We parked our vehicles on the lawn anticipating the mother load of Nemo snow and so that the driveway could be plowed easier.  It turned out to be a wise decision.  The amount of snow was crazy for sure.  Today, Sunday, warmed up nicely, so we spent several hours outside cleaning and clearing more snow.

Supervisor Trixie

Here's Trixie dog keeping an eye on things.
The woes of being a little dog is that she's unable to look out the window.  With this in mind we often push the hassock against the wall so she can jump up check things out.
Here she is making sure we're shoveling the driveway properly.

Birthday Cookie

Instead of a traditional birthday cake, we went with the extra large chocolate chip cookie for Emilie's birthday.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Danger Danger, Stay Out!

This is what takes place when turning 11!
Alas, she's growing too fast.  I don't know where the time has gone but one thing is clear, it's gone by too fast :-((
It's a good thing I can't read 11 year old writing...

Snow Covered Deer!

The snow's falling and has been for several hours now and it's starting to stick and accumulate.  The weather reports are all saying the worst is yet to come and it'll soon be coming down much quicker, along with the winds picking up.
So, due to the storm I'm working from home today and have been watching a lone deer all morning long.  She has been up and down several times, my guess is she's nervous about this storm.  At the moment she's lying down, you might be able to see her the above picture.  It's weird and would like to understand how she chose that particular spot to ride out the storm.  I'm guess they're not smart enough to hunker down under a pine tree or next to a downed long, nope, just out in the open.
Certainly a tough way to ride out the storm.

A BIG Happy 11th Birthday!

 My youngest daughter Emilie turns 11 years old today!!!
Don't know where the time has gone.
Happy Birthday EM!!
All my love, -Dad

Thursday, February 07, 2013


Oh My God!

I just had a large bowl of delicious Potato Bacon soup for lunch!

It was super thick and oh so tasty and it really hit the spot.

Problem is I could use a little nap right about now, however, I'm in the office so this isn't an option.  After all no one wants to walk into my cubicle to see me napping with drool running out the corner of my mouth and pants unbuttoned...

Just saying.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

What a Nice Pair...

The Bluebirds have been regular visitors to our feeders this winter.  Here are two that were taking a break or perhaps planning their next assault on the feeders.  I absolutely love their color combinations.  They are a beautiful bird for certain, one of my favorites.

"It's All Ball Bearings Now a Days" Fletch

So, we've been having an issue with our refrigerator/freezer for the past 6 - 8 months.  The ice dispenser, which is on the outside of the freezer door, does not work.  We've had issues where the bottom of the dispenser freezes into a block of ice, the dispenser door/flap doesn't open and even at one point the ice maker itself crapped out.
We've had Sears repair on site (8) times to date, UGH!  They're replaced part after part after part and nothing they've done has resolved the problem.  One technician even said we'd have to live with it.
The Sears appointment process is just that, a process.  They give you a "window" of when they'll arrive, typically mornings or afternoons, so a lot of waiting around.
I've also been in touch with some Sears Corporate dude but he's proving to be as useful as tits-on-a-bull if you catch my drift!  He just doesn't return my calls.
The last attempt at fixing the problem, which was last Friday, was to replace the entire freeze door!  Ordering a freezer door takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks for the part to arrive, so the delay continued, not to mention that this part alone cost more than what we paid for the entire unit!!
So, Sears arrived promptly first thing and had the new door installs in short order, yippee!  However, my excitement was short lived when the ice holder/dispenser wouldn't fit!  It was the correct replacement door based on the model number, however, Sears modified the door ever so slightly and subsequently our original ice holder/dispenser simply doesn't fit.
Sooooo, a second replacement door has been ordered along with a replacement ice holder/dispenser and we're looking at another 3 - 4 weeks for these parts to arrive.  I can see why Sears is struggling.  Now keep in mind that although our confidence levels are high that this will fix the issue, we're concerned that the problem we're having is an inherent defect and will only occur again down the road.  Keeping fingers crossed that if it does, we're still covered under warranty.
Since the unit is still under warranty the Corporate dude I've been dealing with did offer to replace the entire refrigerator/freezer, however, here's the catch - the replacement unit can only be for what we paid and not what it's valued at.  For example, in our scenario we bought this unit, a brand new but older model, at a discounted price. The unit itself is  ~$1200 but only we paid ~$850, so that's all they're allowing towards a replacement.  What a scam!  Be forewarned for if and when you consider purchasing a maintenance/warranty agreement.

Cabin Fever

They're dropping like flies...
Completed another 1000 piece puzzle this past weekend.
This one a Darrell Bush puzzle titled, "Cabin Fever".