Friday, March 29, 2013

I Spy Something Menacing

My nemesis has returned, curses!
As I stood at our soon-to-be-replaced French door while gazing outside into our back yard and sipping my morning coffee guess what caught my eye?!
Mr.Woodchuck, a.k.a. whistle-pig!
The dude has emerged from hibernation.  Looked like he was surveying the area, perhaps, trying to decide on a new hole location, one with a good view and ready access to our vegetable gardens?!?
However, this varmint may have tipped his hand (paw) too early with his appearance.  At this time of the season there are not many food options for him and this just might be his down fall.  First order of business this morning is so pull the old havahart trap out of winter storage, dust it off and set using some tasty and appealing kale.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Belly - The human trunk below the ribs

I find myself in a conundrum of sorts today.

I'm wearing a new pair of slacks and having an issues with the waist.  Although, very comfortable, the waist line is a tad too big.

Outside of having them hemmed I can think of several possible options I could do in an attempt to resolve but each have their own draw backs.  For example,
  1. I could tighten my belt. But that would be too uncomfortable.
  2. I could hike the britches up.  But then I'd look like the dude in the above picture or Urkel. Plus, I haven't hit the age where it would be socially acceptable to walk around like that.
  3. I could consciencely push my belly outward, forcing the trousers to stay in place.  But this would then portray me as being frumpy, over weight and out of shape and just isn't too appealing.  This option goes against what I typically try to do, and that's to suck the old gut in and chest out.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

And We're Off...

Emilie and I planted some seeds yesterday!
We planted (5) different items: four pumpkins and one bird house gourd.  One of the seed varieties came from a 400+ pound pumpkin!
Time will tell how we did but hopefully we'll get at least one plant from each group.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

We're Starting a Quarry

Poor Emilie was passed the Frye hoarding gene.
Here is on example; her rock collection.
In the first picture, you can see she has her rocks laid out neatly on her table.  The fort, above her table, had oodles and oodles of rocks too, however, she has since moved them to the piles you see in the second picture.  Spring cleaning perhaps?!
She'll spend hours poking around the yard looking for rocks, even when out; over a friends, at the neighbors, shopping, etc. she'll find a rock or ten that she just has to have.  As a result her rock piles keep growing and growing and growing...

Come and Get It!

Here's a Common Grackle that stopped in, along with a couple dozen of his friend, to raid our feeders. 
I had just filled the feeders, as you can see in the picture, and not too long after the birds appeared.  It amazes me how they know.  Are they organized?  I'm thinking there's like one bird assigned to each yard with a feeder that somehow announces when fresh feed is put out?  Just not sure how it's announced - perhaps a birdie bulletin board, or a birdie version of the "twilight bark" (for you fans of the 101 Dalmatians movie)? Puzzling!
Regardless of how they do it they're more than welcome.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Shadows Cast

Dinner time is "crate" time for Trixie dog.

Just like a scene from a prison movie with her paws resting on the bars and hanging outside the cell.  However, instead of a tin cup used to rake against the bars in a show of unhappiness, she's got this high pitched whine that she does.  Equally as annoying until you take one look at her then it's like awe.

Emilie took this picture with her camera and I must say she did a very nice job.  The shadowing is awesome, as is how the shadow line runs down her head and face.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Iron City

Here is a small sampling of the Iron City beer cans of mine.  As you can see these cans display the champion professional Pittsburgh teams back in the day - Steelers, Pirates and Penguins.
It would be nice if this practice was still done today. I could add to my collection and, selfishly being a New England sports fan, they'd all contain my winning teams!  May need to reach out to Jim Koch, the founder of the Boston Beer Company and his famous Samuel Adams beers, to see if he'd be willing to resurrect this tradition.
Cool stuff non-the-less!

Deals of The Past

From the Boston Globe newspaper, circa 1995.
Check out the prices!
Amazing at how the prices have changed so dramatically, product sizes are gotten smaller (paying more for less) and "Triple Coupons" are unheard of now a days.
Sign of the times...

Friday, March 15, 2013

Trixie the Seal Pup


OK folks here's a challenge for you all:
Which of the above photos is Trixie Dog?
Take your time and don't be fooled...

You Make The Call...

Is Trixie dog:
a) Happily walking in the snow
b) Happily trudging and struggling through deep snow
c) Being dragged through deep snow wishing she was inside where it's warm and dry

Duck Duck Goose...

Hmm, I wonder what this yellow, orange and blue thing is in the backyard and in the middle of a blizzard no less?!
Let me zoom it and see if I can figure out what it is...
Well HELLO! It's Emilie and Trixie stuffed into a recycle bin that is sitting on a sled and they're covered with a duck umbrella.
I can NOT explain why other than it sure is great to be a kid!

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Super Storm Saturn Postcards

Here are a couple more photo's I took this morning.
Beautiful at how the snow hasn't been disturbed yet.

Somewhat amazes me at how these two Oaks tress are still holding onto their leaves.  It's worried me with each snow storm, as the leaves hold onto more snow, which is more weight, than the other trees that were smart enough to drop theirs in the fall.  They bend something awful but have yet to break.

Super Storm Saturn, UGH!

Here are several pictures of the olde homestead following super storm Saturn.  As you can see she dumped a mountain load of snow on us - wet, heavy snow too!
Our snow blower decided to quit after an hour or so yesterday. I'm thinking the belt either broke, fell off or simply stretch itself out to much to be effective.  I've added to "the list" to be looked at.  In the mean time, JoAnne, Emilie and I finished up the old fashioned way.
Enough already!  I'm ready for the Spring!

The Lazy Way!

If you're a coffee lover and Keurig owner JoAnne stumbled across a store just for you.  It's called One Cup Coffee and located in Norfolk, MA.
They stocks over 200 varieties of single-serve brewer cups including regular, decaf, flavored, organic, iced coffee, hot teas, iced teas, hot apple cider, white chocolate cocoa, milk chocolate cocoa and more!  So, you can mix and match and try different flavors without committing to purchasing an entire box. They also sell boxes too.
They were giving out free samples of their Sweet & Creamy coffee.  This is the lazy mans Keurig kcup - the coffee, cream and sugar are all in this one kcup. No more need to add the condiments after brewing, just brew and go.
Although, the concept is dead-on, I found it contained too much sugar for my liking.  Perhaps, one day they'll come out with different sugar offerings.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Morning Dove (Zenaida macroura)

Here's a perfectly camouflaged Morning Dove.  This birdie was working up the courage to visit our feeders for a snackie.  They're more on the skittish side and prefer to eat off the ground versus the feeder directly, which is fine with me so there's as little waste as possible.

Hubba Hubba Old Frothingslosh

One of the more unique brands of beer has been Pittsburgh Brewing’s Olde Frothingslosh. It was invented as a joke by Pittsburgh radio station KDKA’s Rege Cordic in the early 1950s. The local brewer picked up the idea as a humorous Christmastime promotion and “the pale stale ale” ended up as the inspiration for about 30 different beer cans, most created specifically for collectors.
Here are a couple pictures of the Old Frothingslosh beer cans that are in my collection.
Think I'll stick with "Penny"!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Boy Girl

Here is a male and female Cardinal that are regular visitors to our feeders this winter.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad

I came across this Parkinson's disease poem -

“LIFE IS GOOD” on my shirt it is said,
And I keep repeating it in my head.
But there are times I do not agree
Because life’s not always filled with glee.
Why do I think in these negative ways?
Because life has thrown me a curve, let’s say.
This giant curve begins with a capital P.
Parkinson’s has made my life a mystery.
As I look at the gleaming sky and birds,
My love of life is too strong for words
But the dreaded future is haunting me.
Will there be happiness or misery?
“Live in the present”, I hear every day
But it’s hard to constantly live that way.
There are fears and trials I cannot deny,
Fear that I will not succeed when I try.
I look at the words on my shirt and ponder
Is life really good or should I wonder
Life can be good if I stop and enjoy
The beauty and love no one can destroy.

written by Leeson
2009 (4/26/2012)

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Town Champs!!

2013 6 & 5th grade girls championship basketball team is the Indiana Fever!!
Just in case you didn't know, this is Emilie's team!  They won it all!
What a GREAT win and a great season! The had an awesome coach and the girls did fantastic all season long.  Way to go girls!!

Did I Fire Six Shots or Only Five?!

Did me a little target shooting on Saturday!
I shot three groups with five rounds in each; (15) rounds total.
You can see my marksmanship skills in the above picture.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself and toot my own horn.
Used the Sig Sauer® Mosquito .22LR Pistol and loved it!

Find The Critter

Find the critter in the above picture!
Hint:  It's a Blue Bird

Friday, March 01, 2013

Chap Lip Remedy or NOT!

My wife and daughter went shopping the other day and bought me this personal hygiene product.
Grandpa says: "If ya got dry lips, put chicken poop on 'em so you won't lick 'em!"
I LOVE the saying!  Them thar oldin timars were sum smart fellers eye rekun. Interesting and if you stop and think about, it makes good sense too - at least in terms of preventing you from licking your lips.
My fear about using this product, what if I like the flavor...

Peacock White Kale

Take a gander at our kale plant.
I know I know, what a pathetic looking plant!  I couldn't agree more.  This dude should be short and stout, not tall and lanky but since we're not running a greenhouse here this is the outcome.
My farmer friend Tim had a bunch of these in his greenhouse when I visited him last and boy-oh-boy did they look great.  I brought a couple home with me and sadly it didn't take too long before you could see their sadness.  The other one was relegated to the compost pile about a month ago.
As you can see in the picture this one is beginning to flower.  Weird huh, you'd think not so maybe there's some happiness in there.
Think Spring!


Emilie took Trixie dog sledding in the back yard last weekend.  I don't think the dog was too thrilled but Emilie was enjoying herself and it was actually fun to watch.  Trixie was good with it just the same.  After all, I'm of the mindset, if a dog wears a sweater or any kind of accessory other than a collar, they're fair game.