Friday, May 24, 2013

It's Just Plain Wrong!!!

My dad just came home from a Memorial Day breakfast at the local Elks with this American flag pin.
Does anyone see what's wrong with this picture?
Sadly, it speaks volumes to how things are today and it is a shame :-(

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Batter Up!

This Baltimore Oriole keep a close on eye me the other day when I was vising my farmer friend.  I'm sure there was a nesting female in the area and that was his concern but he didn't need to worry I was just passing through.
He sure was a handsome fella!

Crooked Toes, Ouch! - Update

Back in January 06, 2012 I wrote a blog entry titled, "Crooked Toes, Ouch!, which talked about a crooked toes Barred Rock rooster that I gave to my farmer friend Tim.
Well, here is an updated picture of, the now old man.  I went down for a quick and long overdue visit this past Sunday.  As you can see he is doing just fine, however, he does have a difficult time balancing on the roosts and tends to stay on the ground more.  He is very ornery and protective of his flock.  If you venture inside the pen you do so at your own risk for he will attach you.
Wish I could have a rooster or two at our place.  A flock of chickens is just not the same without one, alas...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Ever see a squirrel suffering from narcolepsy?

Either that or this due is taking a dirt nap.  Only there's no dirt and it's about 20 feet up the side of this White Pine tree.

Kinda reminds me of Winnie the Pooh when he got himself stuck in the Honey tree.  Ah, a 1966 Walt Disney production classic.

2013 Tomatoes Are in The Ground!

And we're off!

I spent this past Sunday afternoon in the garden and got our tomato plants in, well almost all.  We have (4) different varieties: Early Girl, Better Boy, Jet Star and an heirloom called Red Brandywine.  I was able to get all but the Brandywine in.

Twenty in all not including the Brandywine; five rows of four and all in the big garden.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

She's Leaving On A Jet Plane...

My oldest is off to Ireland for two weeks!
She departed from JFK airport last night at 8:40PM.
That's her second from the left.
Enjoy, have fun and be safe!

The Faces of Trixie

Here's Trixie dog trying out the baby chick cage.
Trixie dog and mother Moe facing off.
Trixie dog standing guard over the baby bunnies.
Trixie dog jumping with excitement to be let inside. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Our Ladies (Poultry) Update

The chicks are getting BIG and starting to feather out! Can NOT wait to get them outside!

I took the winter plastic off the front of the coop last week, so the girls can now see out and enjoy the breeze.  I also shoveled out several wheelbarrows full of their bedding and added to the compost.  With the first lawn cutting I spread most of the clippings in the coop and the girls love it.  They pick thorough it eating grass, bugs and whatever else tickles their fancy.
All are happy!  All is good!

Mother's Day Driveway Art

Wa-la, done, phew!
I spent the other afternoon decorating the driveway for Mother's Day to surprise my wife.  Whadda yeah think?  Nice right!!
Ok ok I'll come clean.  This is not my work. Emilie is the driveway artist, with help from our neighbor Shane.  It actually looks pretty cool.
Sadly, it rained the other day and now the driveway looks like a clown was hit there.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Perhaps Our Boston Bruins Lucky Charm!

We went out to dinner at Bertucci's Italian Restaurant in Holliston, MA last week and guess who was also there for dinner?!?!
None other than Renee' Rancourt!
Renee' is a professional singer who has been singing the U.S. and Canadian national Anthems at the Boston Bruins home hockey games for the past 35 years!
A local New Englander and hometown celebrity.
It was too funny how Emilie had noooooo problem walking up to his table to say "Hi" and request his autograph, see above!
I've been rubbing this autograph since the playoff started, and unless you live under a rock and missed last nights game, it paid off in spades!  First time an NHL team, down 3 - 1 to start the third period, came back to win the game.
The second round of the playoffs begin Thursday night - bring on the New York Rangers!

Early Veggie Plantings

This is a kale plant from last gardening season that survived the winter and has since taken off with the warmer weather.  It's worked out perfectly having this available with the baby bunnies - they love it.  Also, have been feeding it to the adult rabbits and the chickens, so everyone is reaping the benefits.

Here is the lettuce I planted a couple weeks ago.  All took and doing well, plus the critters have yet to bother with it.

Here is our garlic, my pride and joy!  I planted these fella back in November and look at how well they're doing.  Again, like everything else, they're loving the sun and warmer weather.  Can't wait till it's harvesting time!  Mmmm, LOVE the garlic!
I've also planted some Italian Parsley and several pumpkin plants.  With Memorial Day just around the corner, the gardening game is about to take off...

The cardinal number equal to 2 + 1

Caught another opossum this past weekend, number 3 on the young season.  I didn't realize they cared for kale but that's what I'm setting the trap with.  Catching these dudes is more of a pain in the keister but I suppose better than having to deal with a skunk.  However, as I've indicated before, I want the elusive woodchuck.
Let the game continue!

Rabbit Maintenance

Performed pedicures on our three adults rabbits this past weekend.  Just part of the Spring clean up after the long winter.  For the most part, and once they're safely on their backs, it's a quick process.  However, you still need to be careful of their feet in the event they don't want to be on their backs and upside down any longer.  I've been ripped opened before.
The above pictures is Moe, our mother of four.  Of course Trixie dog is on the scene to make sure everything is in order.  The bottom pic is Jack 2.0 our resident male.
All were pleased with the results and happy to not be upside down any longer.

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Visiting Tufted Titmouse

We're loaded with scads of birds; all kinds and they're all busy building their nests and setting on their eggs.

Here is a Tufted Titmouse perched in one of our budding Red Maple trees.  These are considered song birds and appear to have a more relaxed and less-skittish demeanor.  They're in the same family as the Chickadee, which along with the Titmouse, is another of my favorite birds.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

WOW! Where Has The Time Gone...

Happy 21st birthday to my oldest!
Be careful and be safe!
I LOVE you!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Thin Artificial Clouds Oftentimes Seen Behind Aircraft

I thought this was kinda cool. The sun was beginning to set and hitting their vapor trails just right to give them an orangeish glow
I can't be certain but it looks as though these two plans are racing.

An American Yellow Warbler

I believe this is a male American Yellow Warbler that was be-bopping from branch to branch in our ornamental pear tree.  A very busy little bird for sure and a handsome fella too.
Here's an interesting Yellow Warbler fact:
A group of yellow warblers are collectively known as a "stream", "sweetness", and "trepidation" of warblers.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

#12 - LAX Captain and My Son

My son was elected one of the captains for his high school varsity lacrosse team this year!

With 12 games played he's already scored 44 goals and 10 assists!!

There are only 5 games remaining in the regular season and he needs only 18 more goals to break the all time WHS record for most goals in a season with 62.

He's been determined, focused and working hard, so it sure would be nice to set a new school record and leave his mark as he moves onto college next year!

Go Boston Bruins!!

What an exciting and entertaining hockey game last night!

Up and down & back and forth with both teams having scoring chances.

Thankfully, the B's pulled it out with a 4-3 OT win and taking a 3-1 series lead.  Game 5 is back in Boston Friday night, can't wait!!

Friday, May 03, 2013

"Adrian" The Opossum

[Adrian is trying to get to Rocky in the ring]
Rocky: Adrian!
Adrian: Rocky!
Rocky: Adrian!
Adrian: Rocky!
Rocky: Adrian.
Adrian: Rocky.
Still, not a woodchuck, alas!
Still waiting on the land-beaver!

STOP Right There!

and this is how to prevent (my approach anyway) the annoying, dirty House Sparrows from nesting in our bird houses.
I do not care for the House Sparrow at all.  Sadly, our neighbors have a Purple Martin house, which is basically a low income bird house, that has attracted these sparrows instead of the intended audience and has for years.
These dirty little birds are always flying onto and into the chicken coop, pooping everywhere and constantly stealing the chickens food, UGH.
We'd rather have any other bird nesting in the houses we've put up but it seems these Sparrows drive out/away the other birds.  So, I watch and wait and let the sparrows spent their time and effort building their nests and then BAM I block their hole.
I do not like them in a box.
I do not like them with a fox.
I do not like them in a house.
I do not like them with a mouse.
I do not like them here or there.
I do not like them anywhere.
I do not like House Sparrows.
I do not like them, Stephan-I-am.

Brickskeller Endangered Species Beer Cans

Here are (4) Brickskeller endangered species beer cans from my collection.
From what I can tell these were made in and around 1977 by the Pittsburgh brewing company.  There were two series of twelve cans in each series - yellow and blue cans.  Unfortunately, I have only two from each set:
Houston Toad, Texas Lone Wolf, Leatherback Sea Turtle and Colorado Squawfish

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Hello Up There...

Here are our (4) Mini Lop bunnies, which are about four weeks old here (pictures taken this past Saturday 4/27).

They're getting big, getting mobile and eating like little piggies.  They're also at that age where their ears are beginning to drop but not always and not always both - very cute!

Still too young for me to be able to successfully determine their sex, much to the dismay of Emilie.  We've told her that she can keep one of these babies but only if it's a female.  So, she's very anxious to know her options.

Also, note the lovely manicured nails on the hands hoisting the critters!

I'm Scratching The Itch!

I paid a visit to my favorite local nursery, Pumpkin Seed in Bellingham, MA., this past Saturday morning and picked up a couple of three vegetable items - Green Leaf Lettuce, Red Leaf Lettuce and Italian Parsley.  I simply couldn't resist the urge (itch) any longer and needed my fix of purchasing something I could plant.

And we're off!

"Rocky" (after Apollo Creed fight) The Opossum

So, unfortunately this is NOT a woodchuck, nope.

I set the trap in the hopes of catching the woodchuck I've seen milling around out back but no luck, not yet anyway.  Never the less this opossum dude had a hanker'n for some kale, which put him in this predicament.  If he (orshe) had just walked away...

He (or she) is a tad beat up wrestling with the trap and he (or she) is worse for wear but will be just fine.  He (or she) was VERY happy to be free and took off like a shot when released.

Next!  Bring on the whistle pig!