Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The New England Patriots & Putnam Investments!

Julian Edelman atop a Duck boat, during their welcome home parade, with outstretched arms for Putnam Investments, a proud sponsor of The 2014 World Champion New England Patriots!

Birds Of Color

Although the bird feeder has been empty for a couple weeks now, the birds are still a visiting.  Looks like they're go to food when all else is scarce is the Bittersweet.  

Here's an American Robin among the Bittersweet -

Here's a "daddy" Cardinal -

And my favorite, a Bluebird - 

I've since shoveled a path to the bird feeders and filled with sunflower seeds.  They're much happier now and many many more are visiting.

Snow Snow and More Snow!

I took the first two photos below on February 3rd.

Here are the same two pictures of the same two scenes taken just over 2-weeks later on February 19 -

Wholly snow drifts batman!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

"I'll Have It Added To The List"...

Here is an extremely rare photo of a Franklin sidewalk snow-blower machine.

They're seldom seen, as evident by the snow covered sidewalk all over the town.  I just don't think they like the cold and snow.  I was holding out hope they'd have be out and about during February school vacation week to catch up but no such luck.

Calls to the DPW office to inquire about sidewalk cleaning are as equally ineffective.  Typically met with an, "I'll add it to the list" and/or "we're down several machines".

Really?!  Do they really need to be called to have something as obvious as this added to their list?  School's back in session in four days, what are they waiting for?

Yes, I realize they're busy and they've been working to stay on top of all the snow we've had.  However, this is not something that just began happening in 2015.  Nope, it's been going on for years now.  The danger and risk of having people walking in the streets to get to bus stops, the mail, etc. would be something the town would want to avoid.   Seems like a potential legal issue just waiting to happen.  Hope no one gets hurt too bad.


Tirxie dog received a new chew toy today!

Some say it's a chicken but I'll let you all be the judge of that...

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

More Snow Pics!

There's a pool under all that snow -

You can see the shoveled pathway's out to the chicken coop and bird feeders.  I snow-blow that circle in the below pic so the dog has a place to run and stretch and do her "business". 

No idea where all the melted snow is going to go...

Westwood Snow Removal

In anticipation of this past weekends snow storm, which dropped another 12+ inches of snow, I headed to my folks house in Westwood to check out how the house and shed roofs looked.  As it turned out they had too much snow and needed to be cleaned/shoveled.

The shed roof, especially the old chicken pen roof was bowing inward.  It's a good thing we cleared it off, as there is no way the roof would have been able to handle the snow that fell on Sunday.

I cleaned the porch roof -

My friend and Franklin neighbor Ralph cleaned the main house roof -

My other friend Kevin cleaned the kitchen roof -

We all joined Shane on the shed roof to clean it -

The above picture give you a very good visual of just how much snow was piled on the shed.  When all cleaned, the snow at the rear of the shed was piled higher than the back edge of the roof!

I'm SO thankful that Ralph, Kevin and Shane offered to help otherwise I may still be there...

Friday, February 13, 2015

Bird On A Wire

Actually, they're birds on a branch.

A bunch of Blue Birds all lined up and huddled together.

I couldn't count them all as there were more coming and going but would guess at least 12 in the top pic.  They stayed like this for close to an hour before departing.

It's amazing how they're all together to keep warm.  I've never seen such a thing but absolutely love it, lucky me!

Tough Getting Old, So Says My Teeth!

Oh do I have teeth problem, UGH!!!

And I don't want to talk about it now.

Maybe after the root canals and post drilling and stuff...

UGH, Another Storm On The Way...

Here are a handful of storm pictures from the ole homestead -

We park the Explorer on the front lawn so it's not in the way when our neighbor comes to plow.  This gives him an unobstructed, straight shot down the driveway to push the snow, see below.  Most goes over the end without much effort, however, with all the snow we've received this is now a challenge.  As you can see the pile at the end of the driveway is now a mountain.

Here's Emilie and I making our way to the neighbors house to do some snow-blowing.  We have an agreement where he does the plowing of our driveways and follow up with the snow-blower to get at the nooks and crannies he can't do with the plow and do the cleaning up.  It's a great system and works out for both of us.

I found the plow buried fire hydrant.  Of course the snow in that area is the heavy, wet stuff so it's much more work to remove.  The snow-blower has a tougher time chomping through.

But as you can see we got her done.

We're bracing for another storm expected this Saturday into Sunday...

Think Spring!

The Amaryllis I got for Christmas is a bursting! 

Three of the four flowers are now wide open, with the fourth not far behind.

What a nice contrast to the cold and snow we have up to our eyeballs...

Monday, February 09, 2015

Enough Is Enough!

What a difference six months makes - 

This photo was taken before this last (current) storm, which had dumped an additional 12 to 14 inches on top of the ~3' already out there!

I took the below picture today, Wednesday 2-18-2015, after another 12+ inches fell -


Sunday, February 08, 2015

To My Little (Teenage) Girl!

Happy Birthday Emilie!

Wish I could slow the hands of time, the past thirteen years went by too fast.  It's hard to believe that you're now a teenager.  I'm VERY proud of you and LOVE you VERY much!  

Wishing you a VERY Happy 13th Birthday!

Saturday, February 07, 2015

You're a Teenager!

Happy 13th Birthday to my terrific Niece Alyssa!

Hope you have great day on your special birthday!

Monday, February 02, 2015

Congratulations New England Patriots!

Our New England Patriots are 


Thanks for an exciting season, and another trophy for Title Town!

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Hopefully It Will NEVER Be Needed...

But just in case it's cleared!

The town relocated all of the fire hydrants along our stretch of Lincoln Street this past Summer.  This proved challenging after blizzard Juno, as I was unable to locate the hydrant following the storm.  

I went back out Friday afternoon, located it and dug the dude out!

Stephan's Gardening Tip: Snow-Manure Tea

Before - 

After -

I made six trips trod-ding through twenty-plus inches of un-shoveled snow while carrying two-five gallon buckets full of chicken and rabbit droppings/bedding (manure) up to the garden.  I then proceeded to spread the manure atop the snow, atop the garden.

My rationale is that more snow will fall and cover said manure.  As each day passes they'll get longer with more day light, eventually giving way to warmer weather and melting.  As that process takes place I'm counting on the melting snow-manure mixture to create a manure-tea of sorts and seep into the garden soil fertilizing and softening it.

Eventually, when the ground thaws and planting season arrives, I'll till the contents into the ground and plant.  Then sit back and watch the vegetables take off!

Snow Covered Sidewalks

Two days after storm Juno -

Five days after storm Juno -

Astonished that it takes the town of Franklin five days to clear the sidewalks of snow!  Two school days with kids unable to get by unless they ventured into the street.  One excuse after the other but sadly this is an all too often issue.

"Roll-Over" Thursday!

I passed two rollovers on my commute to the office this past Thursday morning.

The first one, pictured below, occurred shortly before I passed. Fortunately, I wan't affected traffic wise but many others were.  However, the second was approximately 20 miles further North from this one and I sat in traffic to get through.

People are idiot dipstick and just don't think or care about anyone but themselves.  Thank goodness the above accident didn't include any other vehicles.  Of course I have no idea what caused this but since it occurred in the center median, I'm guessing speed was to blame.

Negative ...

It's warming up outside...

At least the bone chilling winds have stopped.

Baby it's cold outside, SUPER cold outside, BRR!


The BIG day has finally arrived.