Friday, January 29, 2016

Another Post Snow Benefit

With the fresh fallen snow of this past weekend you can see just how active the local deer are.

Even though they've eaten most of the neighbors arborvitae, they still keep coming back and foraging for more.

Fortunately these tracks appeared to indicate the critters stayed in the neighbors yard, and I'm fine with that! 

Days Are Getting Longer

My commute home last night wasn't too bad.  I was treated to a lovely sunset.  It's also nice that daylight last till about 5PMish.

We just have to get through February then I think we're home free!

Spring here we come...

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

One of the benefits of a post New England snow storm!

Office Shuffle

I've been sitting in the same cubicle at work for about the past four years.  As far a cubicles go it was fine, small but a place to call my own after a ~60 odd mile commute.

Well last Friday we moved to a different section of the building.

Here is my old cubicle, B-138 -

The new areas are now configured in "bull pens" with four desks per pen. This new configuration is to promote collaboration.  In the short time it does address that, however, there is very little privacy now.  Not that there was much before but now almost zero.

Here is my new work area, D-142 -

My bull pen buddies work in the same group as I and we get along very well. So, so far so good but keep in mind it's only been a week...

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Go Pats Go! One More Time!

Look out Denver, here comes New England!

AFC Championship and Super Bowl appearance on the line.

Go Patriots!

Bucket-O Puzzles Pieces

Here's your challenge if willing to accept -

We went through the kids toys, games and puzzles this weekend.  Decisions were made and many a game and puzzle went.  The puzzles, mostly those with less than 500 pieces, all went in the recycle bin.  In order to ensure they all fit, I broke the boxes up.  Before doing so I put all the pieces into a paper bag to prevent them from ending up all over the street when dumped into the recycle truck.

So, there must be approximately 20 to 25 different puzzle pieces in that bag.  Do you think you could take the bag, assemble and make each and every puzzle in there?!

Nom Nom Nom

 Look what the deer have done to the neighbors Arborvitae!

They've eaten completely around each shrub and up as far as they an reach.  Leaving just the tops of each untouched.

Boy they sure do quick work.  Hopefully they'll bounce back just fine come Spring/Summer.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Go New England Patriots Go!

The entire city has Patriot fever!

A Tom Brady said, "I didn't come this far only to come this far."

Go Pats!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Motorcycle Expo

Attended the Northeast Motorcycle Expo this past Saturday.  It was held in Boston at the Seaport World Trade Center.  Many interesting bikes, styles and colors, as well as people!

I even found a bike for JoAnne -

The Medal of Honor tribute bike was also on display for the first time.  Dedicated to the winners of the Medal of Honor.  I was very impressive.

Many bright colors as always but also I noticed a new trend, flat colors.  Some combinations were eye catching.

My close Valery Cormier was there also, as usual, taking pictures and signing autographs.

Upon leaving we stopped next door at The Whiskey Priest Pub for food and drinks, of which we had a plenty!

Weeping Boxelder

Weird yet interesting at why this Boxelder tree is weeping.

I'll need to take a closer look but don't recall any damage.

Could be due to the odd weather we're having this winter.

I gotta be honest, I wouldn't be disappointed if this tree were to die.  It's getting too tall and blocks the sun from getting to the Lilac trees and Raspberries.  It also grows the messy Samara's that it drops all over creation come fall.

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Gonna Need A Bigger Pen

Ms. Alyssa, whadda yeah think?!?

Saddleback Pomeranian Geese.

I'm thinking a pair of these would look great in your backyard!

Tell your dad to get to work on building another pen...

What A Tease

Oh snap!

Look what has begun to arrive in the mail...

Seed catalogs!

Hoping this means Spring is right around the corner.

Commute Beauty

Thursday evenings commute home so much better than the previous night.

Long as usual with the same bottleneck spots but uneventful.

However, I was treated to a nice sunset with cool looking clouds and color display.

A Little Trim

Oh, did I mention that I mowed our lawn on December 26, the day after Christmas?!

Yup I did!

Crazy right?!

Who'd-a-thunk that here in New England someone could actually mow their lawn in December!


Commute "Snarl" or "Nightmare"...

Yup, I got stuck in this Wednesday night during my commute home.

I was within 2.5 miles from the scene when traffic came to a complete stop.  Took me about 1-hour to drive that distance, once the road was reopened.  I could have been waiting a lot longer, so I guess I'm fortunate in that sense.  The 7-mile back up doesn't take into consideration all the traffic attempting to merge onto 495, i.e. Mass Pike, Rt9, etc.  I'm sure those side roads were equally as backed up too, which would me much longer delays for those commuters.

My commute up to this point was great!  I was on track to me home at about the 1-hour mark from the time I left the office...nope.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Baby It's Cold Outside, Brrr

Yup, a tad chilly this morning for sure!

That reads 7.8 degrees and not 78.  Big difference.

Well, Good Morning To You Too!

The Blue birds were visiting this morning!

Dinning on Bittersweet berries and the sunflower seeds I added to the bird feeders this past weekend.

This particular one was braver than the others and decided to fly in for a closer inspection of the man behind the camera.

I absolutely love their colors, stunning!

Hut1, Hut2, Hut3!

I tried out the indoor track at the new Franklin High School this past Saturday.  It was built on the second floor over and around the HUGE gymnasium.

Here's a nice picture of the new gym.

Now, don't get the wrong idea, this had nothing to do with any new years resolution.  Don't be silly! Simple was able to get 8 laps in before Emilie's basketball game started.


Oh My Gosh My Holly...

The birds know where to go in a pinch when they're hungry.  The Robins, for example, have been gorging themselves on our Holly Bush berries.

There have been oodles and oodles of them darting in and out, staying long enough to fill their bellies.

Fact:  Only the female Holly Bushes will have the red berries on them.

First Snow Fell 12-29

Our first snow fall of the season occurred on Tuesday morning 12-29.

We didn't get too much, less than an inch I'd guess.  However, it was mixed with rain, so it was a heavy, wet mess.  It was enough so the town plow were out clearing the roadways, as were the sidewalk plows.

The deer didn't seem to be bother it at all.  They were going about their business as usual, seen here snacking on the neighbors arborvitae.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Vasilopita 2016

In preparation for New Years Day, JoAnne baked the vasilopita (dime cake) Wednesday evening.

She has it down now, so it didn't take too long at all.  The dough even cooperated this year as compared to previous years.

The cake was delicious as always!

Uncle Arthur and Emilie were the lucky recipients of the dime.