Saturday, April 30, 2016

Good Morning Moon!

Last Sunday early mornings, before it went to bed.

Lazy, Sneaky or Smart?

Snapped a photo of this pair of Brown-headed Cowbirds.

The male is handsome but these birds don't waste their time building nest and raising young.  Instead the females put all their energy into laying eggs, sometimes more than three dozen a summer, which they lay in the nests of other birds to be hatched and reared.

Slow It Down...

Where do I sign up for the town's yearly fire hydrant flushing gig?!?!

No stress or urgency with these two, that's obvious!

Um, I Can't Breath!

Here's Trixie dog joining me for a quick afternoon power nap...

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Nation of Pussies

People will believe and buy anything.

Emilie and I came across this jug of "Snake Stopper" at our local farm and garden store.  Who knew something like this even existed.

I'm sorry but, in my humble opinion, this is a complete waste of money and another chemical created to aide the skittish.

A "Murder"...

or group of crows was also visiting the other morning.

I had thatched the lawn a day earlier and it looked like these social birds were on the hunt for nest building materials, aka pieces of my lawn.  I'm good with them lending a hand or rather a beak to pickup the pieces I missed.

There were other crows keeping watch in the tree tops as these two foraged.

Egg Chicky Bunny

Easter eggs colored

Uniquely decorated candy apples adorn our kitchen table, along with a single hand picked daffodil and expertly colored Easter eggs (by Emilie).

Nope Not A "Gobble" or "Flock"

We've been overrun with wild turkey's this Spring!  They're everywhere and roam in numbers or groups called "Rafters".

There was over 25 in this group, as they slowly crossed the street and into the neighbors front yard.  They didn't seem to mind the chilly and rainy conditions.

The Toms were vigilant and constantly on the lookout -

Of course they were showing off too -

And off they went into the wooded area and out of sight.  Too bad they don't stick around longer. 

Throwback Monday

A Spring Monday morning snowstorm.

Of course Emile's project was due that day.  Lugging a big box on the bus is tough enough without the snowy, wet and slippery conditions.

On snowy days all buses are required to pickup all riders wherever they're standing, so on this day Emilie was picked up at the end of our driveway.


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Little Bird, Little Bird Let Me In...

I pulled out the ladder and evicted the pain-in-the-arse House Sparrows.

The pair took advantage of a rotten piece of eave trim, made it big enough for them to pass through, and began building their nest.

Climbed on up, removed the rotted board, which I will replace, and pulled out their elaborate nest.  I suspect they were still constructing the nest since there were no eggs.

More trim repair is needed, so for now this little nook will remain wide open and exposed.  Hoping this prevents the little SOB's from returning.

It's always something...

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Our roughly 13 year old post and rail fence, which was actually a used fence when I obtain and installed it, is yet another item around the ole homestead that needs a fix'n.  The posts are rotting and starting to topple, see below. 

This 18' section lasted longer than I anticipated but came to it's demise and fell over recently.  Since it's against our veggie garden I wanted to get it repaired sooner rather than later and well before planting season.  I want to ensure or at least minimize the smaller critters access points.

Some pliers, wire cutters, a rake and shovel and of course a yellow handled sledge, along with several green metal fence posts and I was off to the races.

Before repair, rear -

After repair, rear - 

Before repair, front - 

After repair, front - 

Took me longer than originally planned, perhaps because I'm too anal, but I'm very pleased with the finished product.


Flat, Smooth, Even, Uniform, Plane, Flush, Plumb

Spring just began and I'm already knocking items off my to-do list.

Finally leveled the bird bath properly.

No more leaning down hill to the left.

The birds should pleased.

Fresh Snow Fall and Animal Tracks

Following Monday's April snow fall, a lone deer made it's way, like a drunken sailor, up to the last remaining spot of Winter Rye.  From the tracks left behind it doesn't look like there was too much interest.  Perhaps too snow covered or it got spooked off.

I've since tilled this last remaining spot of Winter Rye. I'm concerned that they'll keep returning and do a number on the vegetables once planted.

A Little Gardening Work Compelte

The weekend weather, before the 4/4 snow storm, was nice.  At least nice enough to allow me some time to work in the yard.

I plant Winter Rye in my vegetable gardens every Fall and have been for as long as I can remember.  This helps hold the soil in place, adds nutrients to the soil once tilled and provides enjoyable snacks for our rabbits and chickens, which they devour.  In recent years the White-Tail Deer have taken a fancy to it also.  Yes, they're so embolden now they come right up beside the house to dine, no fear.

In an effort to prevent these four legged critters from visiting I spent a couple hours in the garden tilling the soil or rather turning the soil one shovel full at a time.  I've also learned over the years that Winter Rye grows fast and if let to grow too long it's a bear to till and work with, so it was needing tending to anyway.

NOTE: Please disregard the condition of the house.  It's in dire need of paint - on the list.

Before - halfway done turning -

As expected, turning the soil disrupts and wakes the grubs of which there were oodles!  I collect them as I work then feed them to the chickens who fight for and gobble them up like they haven't eaten in weeks.

After - ~95% complete.  I intentionally left the front left corner alone.  I wanted to keep some around to continue feeding to our rabbits and chickens.  Not to mention that I was too pooped to continue. 

Now the Winter Rye, along with the compost I spread on the garden in the fall, has time to compost and add it's nutrients for a month or so until planting time.

Take That!

April Fools!

What a dirty trick Mother Nature played on us back on Monday April 4th, a snow storm, UGH!

I had just pulled the lawn furniture out of it's winter (garage) storage a couple days earlier.

With super cold temperatures to boot, BRRR!

Tuesday, April 05, 2016


Pretty self explanatory!

Darn it!

Darn snowplow driver!

We made it through the entire winter without and damage to the lawn.  Of course, I put away the driveway markers, we have a spring snow storm and there goes a strip of lawn.  Ripped up by the plow, UGH!

It's a good thing I don't pay him.  I think I'll bring this up the next time we're over his house (every Friday night) drinking his beer and eating the pizza he buys for us all.

The nerve, right!

What A Bargain!

What a deal!  Can't beat the price.

Gobble Gobble Gobble

The wild turkeys are out in packs this Spring!

We've had a group of over 22 pass through out yard several times the last couple of weeks.  Stopping traffic as they saunter across the street.

Emilie and I came across another group up town.  This one had about 15 on one side of the fence and half a dozen on the other, as well as several hens perched in the fence itself.

The males were all showing off and vying for attention.  Strutting around and acting all tough.  The males would gobble gobble gobble each time I honked the horn.