Friday, July 29, 2016

A Before Roost Protein Snack

Also noticed one of the tomato plants was missing an awful lot of it's leaves.  This one plant was on the inside of the garden against the foundation of the house, so I knew it wasn't due to a deer nibbling.

Upon closer inspection it was very obvious who the culprit was.  Leaving his telltale droppings (poop) behind is a dead give away.

He had made his way up and under the plant and was hidden well but not well enough in the end.

With 8 chickens and only one Tomato Horned Worm Caterpillar there was a lot grabbing and running and stealing from one another.  In the end several chickens enjoyed a before bedtime snack.

First Tomatoes and Peppers!

Picked our first tomatoes and green peppers of the season last night.

Fingers crossed that this is just the beginning with plenty more to come!

One Little, Two Little, Three Little...

And then there was a fourth...

These vermin have a hanker'n for leftover Maine steamer clam shells but then again they were delicious!!

This dude has been the most ornery and vocal of the bunch.  He announced his presence and his intentions as you approached. 

It was comical to watch him attempt to climb this White Pine tree.  He wasn't making much upward progress, guessing the bark was too much, but as he tried he circled the tree numerous time.  I'll give him an A for effort.

Moonflower plants (Ipomoea alba)

The unveiling of a new flower to our backyard gardens, the Moonflower!

A flower on one of the 3 plants burst open the other evening -

Hoping the other 2 plants will join in and bloom soon.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mid Season Gardens Update

Our vegetable gardens are holding their own and doing OK.

Of course the nightly hand watering and dotting care helps tremendously.

Tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and sunflowers - 

Parsley, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and gourds -

Butterfly and Echinacia

This stunning Black Swallowtail butterfly was around all weekend long.  Keeping me company as I worked in the yard.  Fluttering from one flower to another and one plant to another.  Hoping to attract more and see other kinds too, as we have plenty of flowers to dine on.

The Banquet Beer

We sure could use some long overdue rain.  It's dry as a bone here, as you can see by my burnt up front lawn, alas.

On the positive side, I'm hydrating myself...

The Can Man

Local family in the neighboring town of Bellingham collects bottles and cans to support various charities throughout the year.  Today, they're collecting for the Jimmy Fund.  I drive past this house on my way home from the office, so an in the know of when their in need and dropped off our donations.  Every little bit helps!

Squirrel Squirrel Go Away...

This dude was not too pleased having gotten himself in such a predicament.  As you will notice him above giving me the c'mon man look.  To no avail...

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hello World!

I spied this newly hatched cicada affixed to the front of the chicken coop yesterday morning.

This dude picked a risky location to transform, just out of the reach of the chickens.

"Music" To My Palate's Ears!

Back on October 4, 2015, 280 days ago, we planted (60) cloves of a Garlic called "Music"!

Sunday, I picked (55) BIG scrumptious looking garlic bulbs!

Take a gander at how thick and long the roots are -

Now that's a crate full -

Hanging up to dry -

Here's an overview of Music garlic -

"Mid-season. Music hits the top of the charts when it comes to yields. White skinned with just a blush of pink, this garlic makes big cloves that are easy-to-peel. The taste is a medium hot, true garlic flavor that lasts for a long time. Music will store 9 months to a year. Very cold tolerant."

Monday, July 11, 2016

Happy Birthday Brother!

Wishing my brother a VERY Happy Birthday!

Welcome to the "Fifty" club...

Love You!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Emilie's Parents, As Drawn By Emilie

Emilie's drawing talent on display here!

To be clear, I believe that blob on my face is my goatee and NOT my tongue hanging out.

JoAnne looking lovely as always!

Also Known As: Pine Squirrel, Boomers and Chickarees

A young and curious Red Squirrel fell victim to his temptation and love of bread!

Another critter to add to the Summer 2016 hav-a-heart trap catches.

I'll be posting a summary entry towards the end of the season with all our visitors.

Nectar-Seeking Creatures, Come!

Our Bee Balm, aka Monarda, is doing fantastic!

One of the great things about this mint family flower is that the critters, i.e. deer, rabbits and woodchucks, don't bother with it!  Seems like all other surrounding flowers are eaten back but not these beauties.

We have three different color of this plant - a beautiful deep red, shown above, which came from my folks place, a light purple and a pink.


I see you!

Do you see me?

A Blast From The Past

Vintage Toucan pillow.

Friday, July 08, 2016

Frye Lillie's A Blooming!

Our lilies are bursting open with BIG beautiful and colorful flowers! 

Raccoon Infestation?!

I suspect this little fella was looking for his mommy...

I'm sure there are others out there too.  Considering ourselves lucky that they've not fussed with any of our chickens and rabbits.

Lovely Sunset

We had a stunning sunset off our back deck on Independence Day!

Dog Leg Looking Deck Post Repair In Progress

The 6x6 center post on our deck came with a slight bend or warp to it.  Over the last several year the warp has gotten worse, which in turn has had me worried.

So, in an effort to correct, my neighbor helped install an ~80" steel box-type post against the warped post.  Three holes were drilled (top, center and bottom) through both posts and monster bolts were inserted and tightened down.

The plan is to slowly (every couple of days) torque the nuts to pull the warped wooden post into vertical alignment with the steel post.

Initial indication is good with the wooden post responding as we intended. 

Flash Back Days!

HaHaHa, reminds me of back in the early days of cable and trying to catch a glimpse of a boobie on a scrambled movie channel late at night!  I mean a friend told me when HE try this...

This is what I received via Verizon On Demand when I selected the movie, "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi"... pixelation.

Monday, July 04, 2016

Happy Independence Day!

Wishing Family and Friends a Happy and Safe 4th of July!

Our little backyard fireworks festivities - 

For those not familiar with, or who want a refresher, follow the link below -