Saturday, April 22, 2017

Welcome to Casa De Stephan!

Home alone for a week and I did not starve.

Rather, spoiled myself here!


NOT For Rent! Move On!

Interesting picture of this male House Sparrow poking his head out of the birdhouse.  The sparrows can visit so long as it's a short visit and they move on.  There will be NO sparrow family raising occurring in our birdhouses here, that I can assure you of!

Bee-Boppin Nuthatch!

This White-breasted Nuthatch was bee-boppin up and down, round and round and from tree to tree.  Here he is foraging on a Boxelder tree and stopping to pose for this picture.

Spring is in the air!

Das Boot!

Not your typical Rt.495 vehicle but very cool!

The oddities I see during my commute!

2017 Spring Yard Improvements Underway

I figured it was time to address the bare spots in the front yard and take advantage of the spring showers.   This area was home to two spruce that we took down back in the fall of 2015.  They were getting too big, both tall and in circumference, and growing up into the electrical and cable wires running to the house and taking up too much area, so down they came.

Before -

(3) yards of loam delivered, which worked out to 15 heaping wheelbarrows full, and a sore back -

 (15) wheelbarrow loads piled -

 Raked smooth and level and Pennington grass seed sowed -

C'mon spring rains and grass sprouts!!

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Chilly Soccer Game At Gillette Stadium

Scored (4) Putnam Club tickets to the New England Revolutions third game of the season.  A home game at Gillette Stadium against the Houston Dynamo.

It was a chilly, overcast day but a good take nonetheless.

Emilie and her friend braved the cold and grabbed a couple great front row seats overlooking the field, while JoAnne and I wisely sat inside, warm, and took it all in from a comfy pub table 

Not only did the Rev win 2 - 0 but I found a ten dollar bill and Emilie found twenty-five dollars!!  A win win for all!

Birds of The Snow

Our March snowstorm caught everyone by surprise.  Many birds were our during the storm to visit the feeders and fill their bellies - 

Crows foraging beneath the feeders -

A Morning Dove waiting for the crows to leave -

A Blue Jay darting in an out - 

Crazy Pool Cover Designs

The above picture is not only cool but also a good sign.  The snow is not sticking to the section of cover that is laying atop the water underneath.  This makes for some unique designs and means that all precipitation we've received since I lowered the water level to close the pool back in the Fall has so kindly refilled it to the brim!  This also means we don't have any leak issues, phew!

Backyard Critter Shenanigans

All kinds of activity in the backyard in early January.

This black cat was attempting to stock these three turkeys.  The turkeys didn't seem too afraid of the cat rather more curious. They'd take turns approaching one another as they moved from right to left.

At one point the turkeys chased the cat up a tree.  Watching all the shenanigans from a safe distance high above was a crow  -

Two On A Roof

The Blue birds are back!

They've been visiting off and on since early January.

Not sure if it's the Red squirrels or woodpeckers that have been working on widening the bird house entrance hole.  Whomever, they're doing a fantastic (destructive) job at it.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Feed The Bee!!

Received, in the USPS, yesterday my free package of bee friendly wildflower mix seeds from Cheerios.  Not sure yet what wildflowers seeds are in this package but I'll get them planted soon and we'll see what pops up...

Good News Bad News?!?!

We began the Fall with four visiting deer but looks like we're down to a lonely single this Spring.  I'm sure there are others out there, but we had the same two mother daughter pairs for quite some time.

Although, as compared to other Winters it wasn't too bad, apparently the conditions were ripe for Mother Nature's thinning of the heard.

It's a good new, bad news kinda thing.  I enjoy watching them visit especially in the early summer when the babies are frolicking and darting in and out without a care in the world.  However, they wear their welcome out when they start eating our plants.  Hoping that since we're down to a single visitor the damage won't be as bad but only time will tell.

Monday, April 03, 2017

Garden Prep 2017

This Friday and into Saturday was hovering around the freezing mark with rain turning into snow and back again.  A rather miserable, blah kinda day.

However, Sunday bounced back and was near 60!

I took advantage of that and the long winter we've had and got out in the yard for some R&R.  One of the last chores I completed was the turning (tilling) of our BIG garden.  I tackled this task while I still had some energy.  Turned the winter rye and chicken coop compost into the soil and raked smooth. A good couple of months of composting and enriching the soil just in time for tomato planting!

Of course it's Tylenol every 4-hours on the hour.  This is allowing me just enough relief so that I can stand (eventually) and get moving.  Ouch, man am I outta shape...

The Frye Loads...

Oliver has hit the wall...

and so has Trixie dog!

Wonder what they do all day that tires them out?!

Good Morning Spring!

Not a bad commute into the office!