Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Start Me Up" (Rolling Stones Song)

Here is what my car looks like most morning now a days, brr!
Fortunately for me JoAnne surprised me and had a remote starter installed.  Clearly she knew that I was NOT going to get both sides of the garage cleaned out enough to be able to get our two vehicles in and out of the weather.
The remote starter, which is another item on my list of best inventions ever, works perfectly. I'm able stand in the window, from the warm comfort of our living room, and start'r up! So by the time I get my butt inside, she's toasty warm.
Not too bad an alternative to a warm, dry garage.  However, the catch is going to be when there's snow covering the car but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I've Reached My Quota...

So, apparently I've maxed out my free Google photo storage space, see message below.  The majority is from all the photos I've posted to my blog over the years.  Slim chance that I'll be purchasing additional storage space.  Rather I will need to go back through some of my earlier postings and remove some pictures, alas.

"Whoops! You're out of space. You are currently using 100% of your 1 GB quota for photos. Upgrade storage.

Photos are stored in your Picasa Web Albums account and are included in your 1 GB free quota for photos. Additional storage you purchase is shared between several Google products and is in addition to your free quota.  Learn more."

Never a dull moment.

I'm Seeing Red!

Cardinal red that is!
This dude was content to sit in that one spot for close to 30 minutes.
It was Thanksgiving morning, so perhaps he was waiting for the food to be served or the spanking that the New England Patriots handed to the lowly New York Jets.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Back to the Future

What a deal!
JoAnne and Marty McFly picked up our Thanksgiving turkey the other day.
Mmm and it was delicious!

Humpty Dumpty Marble Game

1966 vintage Humpty Dumpty Marble Game

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Celastrina Ladon, Maybe?? Can't Be Sure.

I believe this is some type of Azure butterfly; perhaps the Summer Azure, but I can't be certain. 
As you can see, this picture was taken back in August, when the flowers were still in bloom and the butterflies and insects were busy-as-a-bee.
This Azure was bee-bopping from flower to flower to flower on this Joe-Pye Weed and was difficult to get a picture of.  This is the best I could do, so it'll have to do, until I can try to do it again, phew.

You Have the Right to Remain Silent

We had a little excitement out by the street on Saturday.  By the way that Franklin's finest came roaring in; from both directions, with lights flashing and how they basically blocked the road you would have thought something really bad was about to go down.
However, in the end, it looks like they stopped four youts that were walking down the sidewalk.  For what I don't know but I'm guessing it wasn't for anything too serious as the kids were let to go on their merry way after a short detainment.
My guess is just four dopey, dumb-ass teenagers, not thinking and doing something stupid and two board police officers getting a chance to drive fast and flash their lights.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Squirrel Tree...

With the arrival of the cold weather and long winter ahead, the dreaded Grey Squirrels have reappeared and are scurrying around foraging for nuts.

I didn't see too many throughout the summer, and was hopeful they all moved on but alas that's not the case.

These dudes are loving the Hickory nuts from the neighbors yard.  There are typically 4 or 5 of these varmints hanging out at any given time.  Often time fighting one another for the tasty treat.

I'm sure it won't be too long now before they realize I've hung the bird feeders.  They'll be raiding it soon, which will be a mistake...

Monday, November 19, 2012

ding ding, ding ding Lunch is Ready!

It's that time of the year when I put out and fill the bird feeders, and suet feeders, which was done this past weekend.

It didn't take long before we had feathered visitors.  It's uncanny how quickly they realize that these treats exist.

Here are several pictures of Bluebirds that arrived to dine yesterday afternoon.  These have to be one of my favorites.  I suspect they'll be in and out all winter long just like last year.  Who can pass up a free meal?!  Also, there are several Bittersweet vines out back that are loaded with berries (you can see some in the top picture), which most birdies devour.

Game of The States

1960 vintage Game of The States by Milton Bradley

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chase The Chills Away!

Do you know what this is a picture of?
It's on my list as one of the best inventions ever!  If you've ever needed/used one of the items that come out of this unit I think you'd agree too.
Ah, heavenly...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Frosted Banana Perhaps?!

I'm sure you've all heard the urban saying, "the frost is on the pumpkin" (which by the way I just learned means "time for love making" after the hard work of the harvest is done). 
Well, how about frost on your banana?  Ever hear this saying?
Pictured above are about a half dozen cold hardy banana trees that my farmer friend Tim has planted here in New England. He started with just two plants but they've been producing babies (off-shoots).  I took one of the babies home with me the last time I was down for a visit.  Since it was closing in on the cold weather and not enough time to plant in the ground have it establish itself, it's happily growing away in a pot in our downstairs bathroom.
I can't remember the name of these plants but will make a point to write it down when I visit again.  Apparently, there is a "process" that needs to be follow in order to winterize these trees.  I believe the leaves need to be removed and the stems and base wrapped and mulched heavily with leaves.
Hopefully, Tim has done all this and his trees are ready for the long, cold New England Winter.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bombus Race or Resting?!

Snapped this photo of these two Bumblebees (of the bee genus Bombus) just hanging out on the side of our house this past August.  Generally speaking, I like the Bumblebee along with the Honeybee.  They're both busy little insects and both have a pretty good disposition and tolerance level, unlike the dreaded Yellow-Jacket.

Like the Fritillary Butterflies, there were scads of bees, hornets, wasps, etc. throughout our yard this past summer, all reaping their rewards of pollen from our abundance of flowers and the insects that they attract.

Name the Flower

All you green-thumbed gardeners out there, name this flower?

Froggie Went A Courtin

Shh, notice how still the frog is so not to frighten the Fritillary Butterfly that's resting at his feet, statuesque!

We had oodles and oodles of these Fritillary Butterflies this past summer!  The simply LOVED our Butterfly bushes.  Hopefully, they'll return next year too.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Today's Work Place Chuckle

Walking to the cafeteria this morning for my cup of coffee I passed one of the facilities folks, Brian.  He was pushing a cart filled with paper goods and stopping at the various kitchenette stations to ensure they're fully stocked and clean.

He's a young kid; very friendly and personable and we always exchange pleasantries.

This morning the passing hallway conversation went like this:

ME:  Morning Brian!

BRIAN: Good Morning!

ME:  How's it going today?

BRIAN: <chuckles> Living the dream...

ME: <hahaha> - Me too!  Have a good day!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Enough Junk / Spam

Here is a snap shot of what my Junk folder looks like and this was only after less than 8 hours after I had emptied it of the prior junk. 
Don't these SOB's have anything better to do?
I wonder how many people respond to these BS fishing emails and get taken or have their machines infected with a virus?
Wish there was a way to return the favor to these vultures!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Halloween Fun w/Trixie Dog

Happy Halloween!
Here is our ferocious guard dog, alas...
Next thing you know I'll be driving a hybrid vehicle too.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Sullivan Stadium is Long Gone!

Before it was Gillette Stadium, it was known, for a very short time, as CMGI Field.
When the DOT COM bust occurred, CMGI the company did also.
Gillette stepped up and the rest is history.
Signage at the stadium and along Rt.1 in an around the stadium had to be changed also.

Shadow Ranch by Nancy Drew

Here is Emilie's 5th grade haunted house project.
She selected and read the Nancy Drew book titled Shadow Ranch and then had to create this haunted house based on the book.
Behind each window tells a piece of the story and drawn picture hides behind the front door, which also is a part of the story line.
She received a whooping grade of 97!
Way to go Emilie!  We're proud of you!

Deck Is Now Complete!

Our deck is finally finished!
Due to the added weight that the composite decking added to the 12+ year old joists, we were forced to add (3) additional 6 x 6 posts and support bean under the center of the deck.  Of course we didn't want to do this, as we've lost our only open space near the pool that provided shade and we've also lost our cloths line, alas.
However, it was needed and there was no way around it, so I'm glad it's been taken care of finally and before the snow flies, which is sure to add additional weight but no worries any longer.
We can now host that long over due party without worry and fear of the deck collapsing with too many people milling about.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

"I Brought My Pencil"

How you do'n?!

** The "I brought my pencil" reference is from Van Halen's song Hot For Teacher.  More specifically the music video for this song where Waldo, a dorkie student, who thrusts his face into the camera and mouths the words, I brought my pencil.  Perhaps, you need to see the video to appreciate the reference and comparison of Trixie dog to Waldo...

The Summer of George

I just saw something weird -

I was just walking behind a man who didn't more or swing his arms when he walked.

Reminded me of "The Summer of George" episode of Seinfeld.  In this episode, Elaine mocks a coworker who walks without moving her arms.  Very funny!

It was odd.  He was walking like a robot; very mechanical.

Or as Elaine Benes put it, "as if he's carrying invisible suitcases".

Monday, November 05, 2012

** Barbara **

This past Friday, 11-2, was my mother-in-laws birthday.

It was also the day that we released her ashes into the ocean.

It was a beautiful day, with blue skies.  The water was calm and high tide was starting to subside. As her ashes were being released a lone seagull, circling overhead, began to call out.

Very moving and emotional.

We miss you Barbara...

Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Coop Has Been Winterized!

It's finally done and winterized!
JoAnne and I spent a couple hours this afternoon taking care of the chicken\rabbit coop.  I bought a brandy-new roll of 6-mil plastic that we used on the sides and front.  I also filled 5 paper leaf bags  and we're using them as added insulation on the outside of the pen.  They're placed at the roost end of the coop and will definitely help with the wind.  Over the course of the winter I will slowly empty the bags as bedding on the floor of the pen.  This also gives the birds something new to scratch and scrounge through and adds additional matter for compost.

My New Toy

Bought myself a new Hitachi handheld blower on Friday.  This machine is lighter and more powerful that my previous one.
Here it is Sunday afternoon, and it's already paid for itself!
On Saturday I cleaned the gutters of 2 homes, as well as the yard of one - both not mine
Today, I used it on our yard.