Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Room for lease.

Recently became available.  Move in condition.

Westwood Pizza Reminiscent

I'm in the process of going through the many boxes of pictures we have in an effort to make sense of them all.  My master plan is to get them all scanned and in digital format. To date I've scanned 687 and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

In one of the boxes I came across this old menu for Westwood Pizza.  I don't know the date but based on the prices it was quite some time ago.  If I was to guess I'd say somewhere in the early 80's.

This is where the Frye's would get our pizzas from.  If I remember correctly, we'd get a free small cheese pizza with any order of five small pizzas, which we often took advantage of (I may have the numbers wrong but it was something like this).

Good old Spiro, the Greek owner/operator.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Seasons Greatings

Merry Christmas!

Wishing family and friends a VERY Merry Christmas!


Pizza and Sam Winter Lager (a couple) for dinner last night at The British Beer Company with JoAnne, Emilie and CC.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Rolly Polly

Had my regular follow up doctors appointment this morning.  No issues to report and all my numbers look good.  My doctor was pleased, as am I.

However, she did scold me about my weight.  Apparently, I've put on a couple pounds since my last visit over the Summer.  I have a sneaking suspicion that my brother may have given her a heads up. Only reason I say this is that on my recent visit to Miami just before Thanksgiving he basically told me that I was a "fat ass".  Yup he did.  Came right out and said it just like that.  No sugar coating, BAM!

First the "fat ass" comment from my dear brother and now my doctors leaves me with this pearl (said with a smile and jokingly but I'm not fooled), "You're one eclair short of being obese".

Hmm, guess I have some work to do...but after the holidays :-))

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Kudos Emilie!!

Congratulations to Emilie for making the Dean's List for term1!

She's worked hard.  This is well deserved!

Your mother and I are VERY proud of you!

Peeping Elf

Ain't this a fine mess

Look where the Elf on the shelf chose to spend the day!

He's nestled comfortably in our Plumeria tree.

However, the issue is that the Plumeria tree is in the downstairs bathroom.  Not only that but the Elf is facing and sitting directly opposite from the commode.

How about a little privacy.  Let's not forget the "Painfully Awkward" Rob Lowe DirectTV commercial (25 seconds in).

Trixie Dog Voguing

Ms. Trixie dog on her throne and posing.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Tree 2014

JoAnne and Emilie did a great job putting up and decorating our Christmas tree!

However, I'm not seeing any gifts under there for me, hmm....

Winter Gutter Work

Knocked another item off my to-do list this past weekend!

I did some gutter work or rather downspout work.

The downspout to the right of the chimney has always run straight down to the ground.  The problem being is that the water would then need to drain across the walkway.  This was more of an issue in the Winter months when the water would freeze into a fine sheet of ice.  Making it super dangerous, especially when covered with snow and you'd forget it was there.

So, I reworked the downspout so that it now runs along the deck and down the far post thus carrying the water to the other side of the walkway and eliminating the hazard.

We had rain the other day and it worked like a champ!

Winter Snacking Blue Birds

The Blue Birds have been visiting our feeders on a fairly regular basis lately.

They're my favorite, so I enjoying watching them when they're around.

So Long Little Buddy...

Sadly, I have some terrible news to report.

The young male deer that's been visiting, along with it's mother, the past six month, and as recently as seven days ago, has died.

Looking out the back window this past Tuesday afternoon something caught my eye; something was different.  I knew immediately what it was and went down for a closer look.  Sure enough it was the little yearling male expired and lying in the neighbors back yard.

Other than some critter chewing on the carcass there were no visible signs of trauma, so not sure what happened.

I don't believe the neighbors have seen it yet and not sure what they're going to do with it.  I don't believe animal control will remove it because of where it's located.  Of course, if it were me I'd drag it to the street one evening, then place the call.  At that point the animal would be on town property and become their responsibility, which would mean they'd need to remove it.


Greeting Card Perhaps

Male Cardinals typically standout anyway.  Add some freshly fallen snow to a green White Pine background and BAM you got yourself a Hallmark type card.

As you can see the female Cardinal stays close to the male, usually does.

Friday, December 12, 2014

What You Looking At Buddy?!

You looking at me?!

A male Red-Winged Black bird helping himself to a little bird seed take out last month.

Almost can't keep the feeder full.  As fast as I fill it the birds are emptying it.

Perhaps another sign of a long cold Winter ahead.

More Lincoln Street Repairs

Even though it's early December the work continues on Lincoln Street.  It's still a beehive of activity with worker bees...

Hydro-seeding was done.  Interestingly, it was done from atop a truck with a  high powered hose.  I suspect this is by design, not laziness, and allows for the seed to get blown down and into the soil.  Of course there's green hydro-seed on everything from mailboxes to fence posts to trees, it's everywhere. Growing season is over for the Winter, so lets hope the seed stays where it is and begins to grow come Spring.

With the new black-top road in place we began seeing water run off makes it way down our driveway.  This was not an issue beforehand, so a call to the DPW and wallah!  Within a couple of days the contractors were digging up the end portion of our driveway.  They basically raised the level and pitch, so now the water flows past and to the storm drain as it should.

I don't know how the neighbor pulled this one off but somehow the contractors came back another day, three of them, along with two Franklin police officers to direct traffic and relocated her mailbox from one side of the driveway to the other.  They spend close to an hour lolly-gagging then working.  Can only imagine what the police detail costs...

Looks like the project is winding down and I suspect this sort of work will be coming to an end as the ground is now beginning to freeze up.

Fingers crossed on new Springtime grass.

Compost Pumpkin Dining

The White-Tailed deer were visiting yesterday morning.  I believe a mother and Spring baby.  They ambled around the back yard some then made their way to the compost bins.

Although, the Halloween pumpkins were buried under several loads of grass clippings and leaves they found them.  They were there for close to an hour nibbling away but ever vigilant.

The youngster didn't waste any time and hopped into the compost pile to get his share.

You can already see they're sporting their winter coats. Perhaps they know what we're in store for; a cold Winter, and they're bulking up.

Winter Feeding Time

The Red Squirrel really enjoys the suet!

He'll hang upside down and nibble away as the suet holder spins round and round.  It's fun to watch.

Unlike the annoying Grey Squirrels, the Reds are much more skittish and typical bolt at the first noise or sign of trouble.  They're intimidated by the Grey's too, so chances are if you have a lot of Grey Squirrels you won't see many Reds.  The Reds are always welcome at our feeders.

Another "Victory"!


Winter's upon us and all outside/yard items have put up and stored for the cold weather.  It's about the same time the four-legged vermin are out looking for a place to hold up for the cold months too.

So, when the droppings appear, it's time to pull out the good ole Victory snap-traps.  I recommend the ones that use metal versus plastic, much more reliable.

One down -

Two down - 

Three down - 

There is a fourth one too but I'm unable to find it.  The entire trap is nowhere to be found.  I suspect it's connected to a tail. I'm sure I'll find it once I unpack the shed come Spring.  So, four down and Winter's just begun.  The problem if you don't deal with these pests is that they'll get into and ruin things. For example, I'm afraid they'll get into some of the pool hoses and chew holes in them.

It's gonna be a long Winter.