Sunday, February 26, 2017

Chicken Fingers?!

With warmer weather comes melting snow.  With melting snow muddy ground.  With muddy ground comes many a foot, paw and claw prints.

Welcome To The Frye Household Oliver!

Oliver is a 6-weeks old Maine Coon Cat.

He was Emilie's birthday gift.

YES, we need our heads examined!

Trixie-dog isn't too keen on this little guy.

We keep trying to tell her to befriend him now, as Maine Coon cats are known to get BIG.

We expect him to be bigger than Trixie-dog when all said and done...

My Garage Punishment!

The winter months is when we spend time adjusting, cleaning, waxing and even modifying our motorcycles.  My bike needed a good cleaning from top to bottom!  The last time I rode it we got caught in the rain and was covered with sand and dirt and water stains all over.  Well, it had been a couple months since I had been to the garage and my riding buddies were expressing their displeasure.

This is what I walked into last week when I made my first appearance.  Empty soda and beer cans and rags on, in and around my bike.  Empty boxes, used oil and oil filters all balanced on the lift.

So, the first hour of my first day in the garage was spent cleaning my lift and the area around it...

Yeah, I've Got Issues...

There's plenty of evidence of my OCD!  Sadly, it everywhere and this is just one example, the chickens and rabbits water jugs all filled and aligned neatly by cap color in the basement by the back door.

Fresh Coop Nesting Hay

The girls, as curious as cats sometimes, couldn't wait to checkout the new hay in their nest boxes.

They approve!!

Getting A Jump On The Garden

In total I removed about 2.5 landscape barrels (the big industrial size) of coop bedding. A nice mixture of chicken manure, rabbit manure, leaves, straw and hay, all nicely mixed.

I filled the barrel half way and made five separate trips, dragging it atop the snow approximately 100', to our main garden.  Once there I spread it all evenly on top of the snow covered garden.  Hoping to capitalize on the wet compost and melting snow to seep the nutrients into the soil ahead of the Springtime tilling.

Talk about a workout...

Snowy Stroll

Let the girls out for a stroll while I cleaned the bedding and nest boxes in their coop.

I had snow-blown a path out to the coop, as well as a circular path in front of the coop for the dog to run around on.  This worked out well at keeping the girls from foraging too far.  They like to go behind the coop but I don't like it.  Although, there is plenty of room, enticing leaves and underbrush to search in, it's also wooded and often times they're hard to keep an eye on.  I don't want them in the flower beds but would prefer they stay in front of the coop.

Happy Birthday Emilie 2017!

Ice cream cake for the birthday girl!

15 already, where has the time gone?!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Cement Pond

Our pool is officially an ice rink

Well, it was until the two 50+ degree days we just had.

It Sure Was Unexpected!

Trader Joe's was giving out samples of the above Cheddar Cheese the other day. I tried a piece or three as I browsed and really enjoyed it, so I bought a package to take home.  It didn't last too long, delicious!

1st Blue Egg of 2017

First blue Americana chicken egg of 2017!