Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter 2016

Sending a Happy Easter, from New England and our family, to one and all!

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Tin Foil Hat (TFH)

I was puzzled to see that our batch of bananas was now sporting a tin foil hat.

I was curious how a batch of bananas was aware of the late 1970's propaganda where covering ones head in tin foil would prevent radio-wave thought-control, HUH.

After giving it more thought and doing  a little research I realized that the tin foil hat is intended to slow down the banana's ripening process, DAH!

A Complete 180

Spring is in the air!

Crocuses bursting and blooming away one day - 

Hey, what gives?!

Snow storm the next morning -

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Emilie's Words of Wisdom

What Emilie says when her mother says to her, "OK, let's go"

"What?! I look like butt, I can't leave the house like this!"


Spring if finally here, yippee!!

Friday, March 18, 2016

One Ringy-Dingy

Free Public Event

I was startled by the doorbell this morning.  Actually, not the doorbell per se but rather Trixie-dogs reaction to the doorbell. Let's just say a change of undershorts was required...

Anyway, when I opened the door I was greeted by a Jehovah's Witnesses.

My initial reaction was annoyance and I was poised to unload and chase them off.  However, the woman handing me the above pamphlet was elderly and seemed very nice.  So, I decided to take a different approach and instead I thanked her for the invite and wished her a wonderful day.

On a positive note of their visit, I was then able to use the above pamphlet as a coaster for my sweating lunchtime ginger ale.

A win win!

The Incredible Edible Egg!

Oh baby!

The girls have turned a corner and have finally begun expressing their happiness in a more consistant manner.  Thank you longer days and warmer weather and of course, thank you girls!

Five eggs out of eight hens yesterday!  Taking guesses on when we'll go eight for eight?!

Captain's Log, USS Homestead (732)

Captain's log. Stardate 3.12.2016. 
The wife and I caught a glimpse of the largest sciurid in its geographical range.  Our gardens dreaded foe, the woodchuck also known as: Chuck, Wood-shock, Groundpig, Whistler, Thickwood Badger, Canada Marmot, Monax, Moonack, Weenusk, and the Red Monk .  Disturbing he made his first appearance of the season ahead of official Spring.

Captain's log, supplemental.  
We'll immediately implement counter measures.  I must take action on my own judgement.  To capture and detain this creature before more delicious homegrown veggies are destroyed.

Well, "shut the front door!

Vintage Plastic

Check out the old credit cards of mine from an time long ago; vintage credit cards at that.  Many of these stores are long gone and no longer in business.  Of course many of these store cards were my first credit cards and instrumental in helping to establish and build the credit I have today.

Peek-A-Boo, GO AWAY!

What a lovely day, blue sky and all.  However, that is NOT what I was taking a picture of.  Take a closer look.  Do you see the little *uckers now?

If not, here's a better shot.  

Another nemesis of mine, the bloom'n House Sparrow!

The female is perched on the roof, while the male is poking his head out.

If you're wondering where these nuisance birds are let me tell you.

They've made there way into the end-cap of one of our eaves on the front side of the family room.  A combination of damaged wood and visiting woodpeckers in the Fall, opened up a hole small enough for these vermin to expand and get inside.

Several years ago a similar thing happened to the neighbors next door.  I watched for weeks on end as the combination of woodpeckers and sparrows did the exact same thing in the exact same location.  Of course, perhaps because I'm a dink at times, I LOVED it and found it very comical.  However, NOT so much now that it's happening to us.  I suspect this would be a good example of karma.

In any event I have some repair patching to do in the coming weeks.  Just wish it wasn't so high up...

Gloomy Commute

The commute home last night was a typical ride, congested and slow.

Adding to the chaos was this dark rain clouds we all drove into and got soaked by.

Which was followed by this lovely rainbow.  The pic doesn't do it justice but the intent was there.

Finally arrived home 80 minutes after I began, UGH!

The Ultimate Fall...

Well, I finally parted ways with this vintage Humpty Dumpty pillow of mine.

Continuing with my basement and garage cleaning, and now Spring cleaning, this dude was laid to rest in the big green 55-gallon reciprocal known around these parts as the trash can, alas.

So long old chum...

Look Both Ways Before Crossing

When working from home, my work space faces out the big bay window we have in our family room and over looks the driveway side of our house and beyond.

Last Friday when on a conference call this doe caught my eye.

She boldly appeared out of nowhere but quickly got cold "hoofs" as she approached the street.  Wearing a headset, my hands were free and I was able to grab the camera and snap a couple pics.

There was just too much traffic, as she wisely turned and high-tailed it, and I mean this literally, back into the wooded area.

Mora Feathered Visitors

The warmer weather has marked the return of the Red-Winged Blackbirds.

These two males where, at first, just fine enjoying the sunflower seeds.  However, it didn't take long for the two to start posturing, flaring out their wings and trying to knock each other off the feeder.

The males are a pretty birds with the red and yellow shoulder patches on their wings.  They usually visit in groups which tend to chase off the smaller song birds but they're welcome just the same.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

They're Happening More Often...

Another one of my "blond" moments -

So, I stopped into Walgreen's the other afternoon to pick up a 6-volt battery.

Grabbed the item and headed to the check out counter.

As the cashier is ringing up the item she asks me if I have savings card.

I respond with, "sure do", and begin rooting through my wallet to locate.

Found it I proclaim and hand the cashier the card

She doesn't take it, nope, instead, she shyly says that's a CVS card.

DUH! Now who's the embarrassed one?!

In my defense I seldom shop at Walgreen's.  My preferred pharmacy store is CVS.  I don't even own a Walgreen's card...

Winter Detailing Underway

Currently in process of cleaning and detailing the ole motorcycle.

The front fender, rear fender and gas tank have all been removed and sent out for a fresh coat of paint.  This has given me the opportunity to get at new places to clean.

With Spring in the air, so is urge to start riding again.

Another Double Red Donation

Another Double Red Cells donation under my belt.

Performed at the Franklin Elks the other afternoon.

In and out in just under an hour, not too bad at all.

Plus left with snacks...

Friday, March 04, 2016

Happy Birthday Daddy-O!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Hope you have a terrific day!

Miss you and love you!

Gobble Gobble Gobble Gobble

We were over run with Wild Turkey's this morning!

I counted 20 at one point!

They crossed the street and came down on the neighbors side of the fence.  Nine of them flew up on and over the fence into our back yard.  Ironically, they didn't stop at or even bother with the bird feeder, or rather the bird seed scattered around beneath the feeder.  They simply passed on by.

Something startled these first nine as they did an about face.  Most flew back over the fence, the others simply walked past and behind the chicken coop where they all proceeded to congregate.

All in single file -

Several pics of their flights back up, on and over the fence.  Surprisingly graceful for such a large bird -

The majority behind the coop, perhaps deciding where to go and what to do next - 

I suspect with the mild New England Winter, there'll be oodles of poults this Spring.


When I think of songbirds the Common Grackle is not a bird that comes to mind.  However, the Common Grackle is listed as a songbird of the American blackbird family.

I tend to see the Common Grackle as a common bully.  They seem to travel in groups and are nervous, like a Blue Jay, and when they arrive at the feeder, for example, they take over and chase the other birds off.

However, all that being said, and even though they don't have bright colors, they are a handsome bird.  Especially, when the sunlight reflects off their blueish heads.

This dude here was apparently letting the other Grackles, hiding in the trees nearby, know that the cost was clear.  They soon followed and there were about a dozen wrestling for time at the feeder.